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The support of our generous donors

Our community is entirely member funded, and we’ve been extremely lucky to have major donors in the past few years who have helped secure our funding through the end of 2021. As such, our next fundraising deadline is May of 2022, by which we need to raise $891 more toward our $1,600 goal. We’ve already raised $769, meaning we’re 46% of the way there.

Huge thanks to our sustaining monthly donors who are the backbone of our member contributions: Jo Marshall, Serala, Oddas Aria, and Jacob Horne. And we also have two new donors to report: Big appreciation to Airik Tierney and Sarah Phillips for joining the donor club!

If you’d like to contribute to our goal, head to our Donation Station – you can sign up for a one-time, or recurring donation. You’ll receive our donor badge for your wiki page, and your forum account!

These donors are investing in our future

After the incredible outpouring of support in March to make sure we hit our May 2020 donations goal, more donors have continued to pitch in, ensuring that our fleet has no monetary concerns about keeping our site online and running for the future.

At the moment, we’re banking donations into our May 2022 deadline, and we’re now at 25% of the $1,500 goal. We’ve raised $380 with $1,120 to go.

We’re very grateful to these continuing donors: Jo Marshall, Wil Ukinix, Ferier Kian, Jacob Horne, Oddas Aria, and Serala! And huge appreciation to these first-time donors: Joshua Sutton and Dassa Alexander-Dalton!

Learn more about our donations program and contribute on our quick and secure Donations Station.

Slingshot around the sun: Donations goals met for 2020 and 2021

After asking the fleet to step up a few weeks ago to make sure we could meet our 2020 donations goal for May 1, we received a fantastic and thrilling outpouring of support. Soon after, we met our 2020 goal, and then fulfilled all of the 2021 goal, which means we’re set until May of 2022!

Huge thanks to these incredible donors: Jo Marshall, Genkos Adea, Geoffrey Teller, Oddas Aria, Tara Wilkins, Addison MacKenzie, Alex Blair, Jacob Horne, and Ferier Kian. One incredibly generous – anonymous – donor fulfilled than 50% of the 2021 goal and counts as our largest single donation in the group’s history!

Additionally, we received a few donations to help our advertising campaigns, and as such we hope to launch some Google Ads in the next few weeks to help with recruitment.

Our community relies on donations from our members to keep our website, forums, and wiki online. It’s only with your support that we can keep our resources online and ensure we protect our domains.

We could be short of our donation goal for May 1

We’ve had some amazingly generous donors in the past few months that we want to recognize! Huge thanks to our new donors: Tara Wilkins, and alumni Michael Frazier!

And continuing appreciation to our recurring and returning donors: Maddi Hyden, Jo Marshall, Ferier Kian, Oddas Aria, German Galven, and Genkos Adea!

But we still need to raise another $324.00 before our May 1 fundraising deadline, when our yearly hosting – our largest expense by far – renews.

Can you help by donating $10, $25, or more now? It only takes a minute or two and your donation is processed securely by Stripe.

Every donation we receives goes directly toward our yearly costs, all of which are detailed on our donations page. Our community is entirely member supported!

We’re thankful for these donors

It’s that time of year when we think about giving back to the people, and organizations that enrich our lives and make them more enjoyable. Who’s brought joy to your life, and how can you thank them for being a part of it?

We’re thankful for everyone who helps us build and maintain this community on a day-to-day basis, writing thrilling and beautiful stories about characters we’ve come to love and even, in some cases, love to despise!

In particular, we want to take a moment to thank those members who’ve donated over the past few months to help us continue toward our 2020 fundraising goal: Jo Marshall, Kayla Drex, German Galven, Ferier Kian, Oddas Aria, and Genkos Adea!

It costs nearly $1,500 a year to pay for the software, servers, and domain names that keep our website online. And all of that money, every year, is raised by our faithful membership and all of that money is used only for maintaining our community assets.

Now we’d like to ask you to join these funding members and help us toward our goal. We still need to raise $709 before May 1, 2020, to ensure we have all the funds we need to pay for our next hosting bill. Can you contribute $10, $20, or $50 today?

We never see your credit card information, and your donation is processed securely by Stripe.

Donors from May, June, and July

Apologies to everyone for missing a few months – things were been a bit busy with the yearly Awards Ceremony! But now it’s time to make sure that those members who pitched in over the last few months get their due with some thanks and applause here on the Community News.

Jo Marshall, Oddas Aria, Ferier Kian, Caitríona Cayne, and Jacob Horne – thank you so much for your donations! Be sure to claim your donation badge.

This takes us now to about 30% ($430) of our $1,455 goal, due by May 1, 2020 when our web hosting renews!

If you’ll join these donors, we can continue toward our 2020 fundraising goal. Just $5, $15, or $25 can make a huge difference. Click here to donate now – it’s fast and secure.

Thank you to our April donors – can you join them?

If you’re enjoying our community and gaming experience, there’s a great way to show your support – besides simming regularly and participating our OOC activities! – by donating to keep our website online. It costs about $1,455 a year for our web hosting and the software that runs our site, and all of those funds are contributed by members like you.

Donating takes just a few minutes, and we never seen your credit card information (everything is handled securely by Stripe, a leading payment vendor). Click here to donate $10, $20, or $50 now toward our 2020 fundraising goal.

If you choose to donate, you’ll join the ranks of other generous members who have earned the donations badge and forum title, as well as the satisfied feeling of keeping your favorite hobby fun and free for all!

Those who donated last month in April include: Oddas Aria, Yito Seja, and Ferier Kian! Many thanks to them for their generosity.

We still have about 85% of our goal to go before May of 2020, but we’ve got a running start. Join these donors to help push us forward in May.

Our 2020 fundraising campaign begins with $165 in donations!

Last month we let you know that we finished our 2019 donations drive with more money than we needed! (We’re banking that lil bit extra in case we come in short in a future year, or for if we need emergency funds if we need it for the website.)

This month, we started the 2020 donation drive strong with $165 in donations from Jo Marshall, Samira Neathler, Ferier Kian, and Joan Basilone – as well as a few anonymous donors. Many many thanks to all these folks their generosity in helping us to get started for the next year, and ensuring that our community continues to fully fund all of its resources.

You can join these donors in donating securely via our website. It only takes a few moments, and we never see any of your credit card information.

It costs over $1,450 a year to keep our website, wiki, and forums. All of that is funded entirely by our members. We appreciate everyone who pitches it to help in this way!

Smashed our 2019 fundraising goal!

In a huge show of support, a bunch of community members jumped in to donate in the last month to get us over our 2019 fundraising goal! Our official goal was $1,455, and we’re now at $1,567 – 108% of our goal. The extra money over the goal will be deposited in our savings account to be used either for next year’s campaign (starting on May 1, 2019 and ending on May 1, 2020), or for unforeseen expenses in the coming year.

Huge thanks to Oddas Aria, Rune Jolara, Jo Marshall, Geoffrey Teller, Tiria Hamasaki, and Corliss Fortune who took us over the finish line for this year by donating in the last month. And many thanks to all those who gave over the last year. Everyone who donated received a special donor badge for their wiki profile, as well as forum title denoting that they’re a community supporter.

Our next donation campaign begins on May 1st of this year, when our hosting bill comes due and we pay out a large part of the funds we raised in the last year. Then we start the campaign fresh as we countdown toward the next deadline.

If you’d like to help us get a jumpstart on the 2020 campaign, head to the donations page now – it only takes a few moments and your donations is processed securely through Stripe.

Every dime of our donations go toward keeping our website online and paying for the various software required to run our community. You can read more about the total bill of costs on the donations page, and see how much we pay for everything.

We nearing the end of our 2019 donation drive – can you help?

Our yearly donation drive stretches from May to April each year, as our hosting bill – the largest ticket item we pay – comes due in early May. As we rush forward into February, the shortest month of the year, we’re just $253 away from our $1,455 goal – 83% of the way there.

Many thanks to these donors who contributed this month: Maddi Hyden, Jo Marshall, Oddas Aria, and Ferier Kian!

Can you join them by contributing $15, $25, or more to our goal to get us over the finish line by May 1? It only takes a few moments to donate and your card is processed securely by Stripe.

Every dime of our donations go toward keeping our website online and paying for the various software required to run our community. You can read more about the total bill of costs on the donations page above, and see how much we pay for everything.

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