It’s time to celebrate our donors!

It’s time to celebrate our donors!

It’s been a few months since we’ve had the chance to talk about our wonderful donors, so I went ahead and reconciled our records for the last few months.

First up are our sustaining, monthly donors, whose regular contributions are deeply appreciated:

  • Kalianna Nicholotti
  • Jacob Horne
  • Oddas Aria
  • Sarah Phillips
  • Arturo Maxwell
  • Jaelyne Isa (Serala)
  • Yogan Yalu
  • Genkos Adea
  • Serren Tan
  • Jo Marshall

Next, let’s recognize our new donors who contributed for the first time: Jalana Rajel and Wyatt Ral! Huge thanks to those folks for adding to the pool of funds.

And finally, thanks to Lephi, who donated previously and did so again in the past few months, alongside a few anonymous donors who are keeping their donations a secret!

As a result of these generous donations, we’re now over 52% of the way to our $1,915 fundraising goal, due on May 1 of 2023, with $1,002 received and $913 to go. (We are already fully funded for this year’s upcoming May 1 goal.) So far in this campaign, for 2023, we’ve had 19 donors contributing 79 donations!

If you’d like to join our donors, click here to head to our donations page. It’s quick, easy, and secure!

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