You’re invited to Frontier Day!

You’re invited to Frontier Day!

“250 years ago today, the Enterprise NX-01, the first warp five-capable vessel to be constructed by human hands, made its maiden voyage. With it, a crew of 83 souls embarked on a journey: one of bravery, perseverance, and sacrifice that would lead to the birth of what we know today as Starfleet.”
—Prepared remarks of Fleet Admiral Elizabeth Shelby

On the 250th anniversary of the Enterprise NX-01’s maiden voyage and the birth of the modern Starfleet, the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet Command cordially invite you to Sector 001 for a day of festivities, fleet demonstrations, and more to honor the brave and dedicated sentient beings who have served in Starfleet since before the Federation and those who continue to wear the uniform proudly today.

Participating Vessels

Starfleet Command has recalled over three hundred of our most prominent Starfleet vessels to Sector 001 for this momentous occasion, and we are pleased to announce that among the officers attending will be those from the following StarBase 118 vessels and installations:

  • USS Artemis
  • USS Astraeus
  • USS Kitty Hawk/Amity Outpost
  • StarBase 118 Ops

In addition, the following 118 vessels will be coordinating with Starfleet Command to ensure that the security of the wider Federation is maintained during the celebration:

  • USS Constitution
  • USS Khitomer
  • USS Ronin

Interested in Attending?

Officers not assigned to the above vessels may still attend the Frontier Day celebrations by first contacting their CO for permission. Once authorization is approved, they should contact Captain Roshanara Rahman of the USS Kitty Hawk (and CC their CO) for assignment for guest posting aboard one of the above vessels. Captain Rahman’s contact information can be found in the event announcement thread here.

Timeframe of Events

Phase 1: Begins Saturday, June 1st – Prelude to Frontier Day

  • Participating Vessels: USS Artemis, USS Astraeus, USS Kitty Hawk/Amity Outpost

Phase 2: Begins Monday, July 8th – Frontier Day celebration & fleet demonstration at Earth, Sector 001

  • Participating Vessels: USS Artemis, USS Astraeus, USS Kitty Hawk/Amity Outpost, StarBase 118 Ops

Phase 3: Begins mid-July – Outer Perimeter Defense of the Federation in the Alpha Isles and Marchlands

  • Participating Vessels: USS Constitution, USS Khitomer, USS Ronin

We look forward to seeing you at this special moment in Starfleet history as we celebrate those who went boldly before us and those who continue to go boldly where no one has gone before! Stay tuned for news updates and special reports of the celebrations in our Frontier Day forum!

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