USS Constitution-B crew probes mysterious illness on Drever IV’s Paoike Colony

USS Constitution-B crew probes mysterious illness on Drever IV’s Paoike Colony

PAOIKE COLONY – Mysterious illness threatens independent Colony.

The crew of the USS Constitution-B (NCC 9012-B) arrived at Paoike Colony on Drever IV, launching an intensive investigation into a perplexing illness that had been plaguing the local vegetation, which without apparent reason began to get sick and die, now threatening the food supply of the colony. Multiple teams were deployed to the surface, fostering hope that a solution could be found swiftly.

As Cmdre. Jalana Rajel and Lt. Cmdr. Diz’mim Ch’Nilmani met up with Sir Adirim Bolen, the founder of the colony, the crew encountered a rough start. Ensign Ba’el inadvertently stumbled upon a concealed security net, which had been put in place to deter larger wildlife. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, but the incident underscored the heightened sense of vigilance pervading the mission.

Despite exhaustive efforts, the crew had yet to unearth a definitive link to the affliction befalling the indigenous flora. During a brief interview amidst her investigation, Lt. JG T’Ama, a Vulcan member of the team, remarked, “So far, we came up with a whole lot of nothing. I would be more optimistic if we actually had any kind of lead, but if there were an obvious one, then we wouldn’t have been called in.”

Now, inclement weather posed a dual threat to the crew’s mission by adding hail and a thunderstorm to the equation. Not only did it impede progress by hampering outdoor operations, but it also raised concerns about potential hazards posed by the storm, even though the colony appeared prepared for it. They were however not prepared for the large creature fleeing the woods in fear after lightning struck and began to run rampant in the village. 

As the investigation continued under the looming threat of inclement weather, the crew remained focused on their task, methodically combing through data, and conducting thorough analyses. Despite the challenges and setbacks encountered, their determination to uncover the cause of the vegetation’s illness remains. 

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