USS Artemis Descends On Space Nine for Shore Leave

USS Artemis Descends On Space Nine for Shore Leave

DEEP SPACE NINE – A much-needed shore leave leads to adventure for many of the Artemis crew.

After facing off against the time-twisting ne’er-do-well known as CloQ, the crew of the USS Artemis (NCC-81287) was returned to their ship and timeline– though they had been inexplicably transported to Deep Space Nine. 

Capitalizing on their unexpected proximity to the historic installation, Capt. Addison MacKenzie announced a shore leave for the crew. As some of the crew worked through the stress and trauma of the last mission, others took advantage of the diverse entertainment offered by the space station. 

A training exercise facilitated by Lieutenant Jovenan took a dangerous turn when a routine practice field survey stumbled onto a Cardassian-Occupation-era minefield. Among the injured were Crewman Jozial Renirs and Ens. Jaseb Chevalier. A rescue and recovery operation is currently underway.

Others opted for a little Gamma Quadrant tourism, taking advantage of the proximity of the Bajoran Wormhole. A small tour group including LtCmdr. Talos Dakora, LtJG. Gila Sadar and Ensigns Gnai and Savel traversed the wormhole on a civilian tour ship, only to find themselves interdicted by a group claiming to be “The New Idran Confederacy.” The situation is being closely monitored and is rapidly developing.

Amidst the unfolding drama, many crew members found moments of relaxation and camaraderie at popular locales such as Quark’s Bar. Additionally, some crew members participated in an impromptu cooking class organized by Lt. Vitor Silveira, further fostering bonds among the Artemis crew.

As the shore leave on Deep Space Nine continues, the crew of the USS Artemis remains vigilant, ready to face whatever challenges and adventures await them when they return to the Borderlands.

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