The crew of Denali enjoy much some needed shore leave

The crew of Denali enjoy much some needed shore leave

BAJOR — Following Commodore Oddas Aria’s promotion ceremony the crew of Denali Station began some well earned shore leave on Bajor and Deep Space 9.

Following Cmdre. Oddas Aria’s promotion ceremony aboard Deep Space 9 the crew of Denali Station began some well-earned shore leave. A number of crew members took some personal time, most notably Ens. Z’Vahme who, having just graduated from the academy, got married to their partner in a small, private ceremony, officiated by Cmdr. DeVeau.

Newly promoted Cmdre. Oddas took some time to visit family before joining Cmdr. DeVeau, Ens. Drex, and Lt. Vahin at a local baseball match. On arrival at the stadium they noticed a banner welcoming everyone to “Denali Station Day”, an apparent extension of the awards celebration, much to the surprise and discomfort of Cmdre. Oddas. To avoid further embarrassment the group quickly took their seats near the home-team dug-out. They proceeded to watch an enjoyable ball game, with Cmdr. DeVeau explaining some of the intricacies of the rules to those not familiar with them. The group enjoyed themselves, particularly when Ens. Drex caught a wayward ball. Indeed, they had so much fun that the possibility of setting up a Denali baseball team was seriously discussed.

Elsewhere on Bajor the Gratitude Festival, having been opened by the awards ceremony on DS9, was in full swing. Cmdr. DeVeau and Ens. Xiron took the opportunity to attend, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Their enthusiasm for the event was only slightly hampered when they were handed a cryptically worded flyer encouraging them not to “fall victim to cellular ennui and the Soulless Minions of Orthodoxy!”. As the message, along with the balding human male who had passed it to them, was more odd than worrying they reported the event to the local authorities before returning to the festival.

Afterwards the two officers, along with Ens. Drex and Z’Vahme, joined LtCmdr. Falt on a camping trip in the forests of Musilla Province on Bajor. The group set out on a day hike through the woods, however, they didn’t get far before the recently married Ens. Z’Vahme discovered three abandoned juvenile Risian Caracals in a tree. Aware they would perish without help he promptly rescued and then returned them to DS9 for veterinary treatment.

The rest of the group set-up camp and were preparing to light a fire and go fishing when the discovery of a discarded Cardassian PADD by Ens. Drex caused them to be ambushed by the same balding man recently encountered at the Gratitude Festival. He, and the two Orions that accompanied him, were heavily armed and attempted to take the assembled Starfleet personnel hostage in the name of their resistance. Diplomatic efforts to resolve the situation were interrupted by the return of Ens. Z’Vahme, accompanied by new arrival Ens. Strathmore, who managed to get an SOS to DS9.

Surprised by the sudden transport the balding man opened fire, hitting Ens. Strathmore with a heavy stun, before beaming out ahead of the security team from DS9 arriving. Notably the security team was accompanied by LtCmdr. Kettick, who had rejoined the crew after a period of absence. Ens. Strathmore was returned to DS9 for treatment, where he is expected to make a full recovery, whilst the rest of the officers present began a search for any clues as to the location and motives of their would-be captors.

Meanwhile on Deep Space Nine, Lt. Kettick, Forsyth and Dagaz, accompanied by Ens. Drex and Gunnery Sergeant Hesan enjoyed a friendly game of ten-pin bowling. After a few fumbles and some initial confusion about scoring the group soon got into their stride. As the game progressed and confidence rose further Ens. Drex suggested they up the ante by agreeing that the winner could choose a forfeit for the losers. It was agreed these should be no more consequential than the losers picking up an undesirable task on behalf of the winner. With the stakes raised the group finished their game which – after a reasonable amount of banter between the officers – was won by Ens. Drex. As the winner Drex decreed the rest of the group had to bring a dish to a potluck dinner to be held during the next shore leave.

With their shore leave now drawing to a close the crew of Denali station are well rested and eager to face whatever challenges their next mission might bring.

Written by Tomas Falt

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