Tensions rise as evidence mounts against the crew of the USS Astraeus

Tensions rise as evidence mounts against the crew of the USS Astraeus

TINALLI ORBITAL SPACEPORT — Following the explosion on the Tinalli spaceport, the crew of the USS Astraeus offered their assistance only to learn that evidence points toward them as suspects.

“Not all Starfleet vessels carry Tricobalt,” reported Capt. Mei’konda Delano, Commanding Officer of the USS Astraeus (NCC-70652). “But… Astraeus does.” This statement by Delano was made in response to the accusation by the station commander, Councilor Dor’ar’ny’sa of Tinal, that the explosive used to create the damage to the station was indeed tricobalt. Delano and his officers, after having stabilized the station’s orbit, had beamed over to the station to offer their aid only to be met with accusations of complicity in the bombing.

Our investigations reveal that tricobalt is a highly volatile substance that can be used for explosives, and as Delano reported, is carried on the Galaxy-class starship. According to Science Officer LtJG Slav Shewytch, “[Tricobalt is] an extremely powerful explosive that not everyone has. It is quite difficult to manufacture.” Based on this, it is understandable that the Tinalli suspect the crew of the sabotage. After smoothing some ruffled feathers slightly, Delano managed to convince Dor’ar’ny’sa to allow them to assist with the investigation, although it appeared clear that the Tinalli was still not fully satisfied and retained some suspicions. While this was going on, a tricobalt device was discovered in the Operation Center where they were meeting. Delano’s team quickly jumped into action and was able to disable the device, along with several transport inhibitors – a technology clearly not of Tinalli origin since the only people known to have transporter technology in the Par’tha Expanse is the Federation.

Meanwhile, while Delano and his team work to assure the Tinalli that they were not involved, First Officer Cmdr Serala took a separate team to investigate the blast site to see if they could garner any clues and maybe find the responsible party or parties. Assuming they would be dealing with possible contamination in the atmosphere from the explosion, the team suited up into Environmental Suits, but the precaution proved unnecessary. Serala’s team was greeted by the Tinalli Administrator in charge of station security, Kas’va’no’da. Kas’va’no’da’s suspicions were ever more evident than Dor’ar’ny’sa’s was to Delano. Admirably, Serala, known for her volatile diplomatic style, managed to keep her calm with the Administrator and he agreed to work with them on their investigation. Serala divided her team with half of them under the purview of Chief Engineer LtCmdr Cadfael Peters. With the team split, Serala and Kas’va’no’da took the other half of the team to the fuel storage facility which they suspected would make a likely target. Sure enough, Ens. Divya Tam quickly discovered a new device. Before the team could attempt to disarm it, however, a burly Valcarian male leading a small contingent of people, stepped out of the shadows and quickly disarmed Serala’s team. We have yet to receive word of the team’s condition and status and will monitor the situation closely to bring you updates as soon as we have them. 

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