Talaxians and Nedic Dreznin at odds, as Federation President snubs Diplomatic Corps – then changes her mind

Talaxians and Nedic Dreznin at odds, as Federation President snubs Diplomatic Corps – then changes her mind

NEW TALAX – As the Talaxians and Nedic Dreznin hold talks to avoid a conflict, ease tensions and free a hostage, rumours swirl about the future of Amity Outpost’s Chief of Mission, Ambassador Rivi Vataix.

New Talax, the asteroid field that the Talaxians have called home for several decades, is under threat by mining conglomerates from the neighbouring Nedic Drez system. It’s understood that two frigates and one large cruiser are discreetly stationed just outside New Talax space, and have been joined by three Nedic Dreznin government battle ships and one diplomatic escort vessel.

Talks initially held on Amity Outpost by President Narala between Nedic Dreznin Envoy Suramo and New Talax leader Rexia over mining claims, were interrupted when a rebel Talaxian miner, known as Marxnos, took a Nedic Dreznin alleged saboteur hostage on “Asteroid 18” in New Talax. Narala immediately left on Federation One to join Amity’s auxiliary craft, the USS Independence-B (NCC-1776-B) which was already in New Talax space. The President has continued talks there, while helping to deescalate the hostage situation and free the captured Nedic Dreznin citizen.

Curiosly however, Narala chose not to bring any member of Amity’s Federation Diplomatic Corps staff with her, a decision she later reversed after arriving in New Talax. A spokesperson for the President’s office did not directly answer questions put to them regarding the decision, but would only state that the President was “using any and all means available to ensure the hostage is freed, and the Talaxians and Nedic Dreznin can coexist peacefully”.

It’s understood that the President specifically asked for Deputy Chief of Mission Envoy Kizat, snubbing Ambassador Vataix and bringing into question the Betazoid noble’s future as Amity’s Chief of Mission. It’s also believed that First Officer and Amity’s head of Starfleet, Commander Wil Ukinix, may also be on the chopping block by the President in response to Amity’s botched first contact with the Paak system in the Barossa Nebula. When questions were put to the Federation Diplomatic Corps regarding the rumours, the mission’s Chief of Staff, Envoy Keehani Ukinix, would not make any comment.

Since USS Voyager assisted the Talaxians in 2378 to protect New Talax from Nedic Dreznin miners, in a probable violation of the Prime Directive, tensions have mounted between the two systems. It’s understood that Nedic Drez mining companies, who claim to have mining rights over the New Talax asteroid field, have constantly sabotaged the Talaxian’s own mining operations used to build infrastructure to expand their civilisation.

It comes at a time when New Talax application for membership of the Federation is being considered. Little is known of Marxnos and the current hostage crisis, but sources have told the FNS that New Talax’s membership application may hinge on the outcome of the situation. 

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