Starfleet officers invited to spend shore leave in system brought back from brink of war

Starfleet officers invited to spend shore leave in system brought back from brink of war

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BARDEEZ – Chief Fairlos Namhug extends invitation to the crew of Starbase 118 Ops, in gratitude for his safe return from captivity on Byzatium.

Having succeeded in their attempt to rescue Bardeezan Chief Fairlos Namhug from the grip of Byzallian terrorists, the crew of the USS Narendra (NCC-26595) and by extension, the crew of Starbase 118 Ops, was invited to spend their shore leave on the Chief’s (and their First Officer’s) home planet.

For LtCmdr Gogigobo Fairhug, this was an unexpected, yet welcome, homecoming and allowed for some much needed downtime on his family’s homestead in the village of Gogilos. The native Bardeezan was also seen showing Commodore Sal Taybrim and LtCmdrs Solaris McLaren and Rustyy Hael, around the city of Ifar, including dining at the famous restaurant at the top of the Sky Wire building.

“The building is a fantastic monument to Bardeezan space travel.” Commented Commodore Taybrim. “And the restaurant itself provides an absolutely magnificent view of the city of Ifar below.”

Elsewhere in the city, Chief Namhug played host to LtCmdr Solek and Lt JG Corey Wethern, as he showed them around the gardens of the Palace of Ifar.

As luck would have it, the visit coincided with a sporting event that would be taking place in the city in the near future and the ever generous and hospitable Namhug was more than happy to allow Dr. Wethern a chance to try his hand at Kantar – a type of Bardeezan archery.

“The kantara has much more strength than an Earth bow, much more power too.” Said Dr. Wethern, after taking out one of the drones that carries the moving targets, rather than hitting the target itself. “I’d like to consider this a starter lesson to practice on the Narendra to hopefully come back and compete.”

Meanwhile, Lt JGs Evan Ross and Haukea-Willow, along with Ensigns Korras, T’Reyna, and Saschenka Kreshkova, decided to quite literally take a hike through the forests of Onihlos on a pilgrimage to the Hall of Tales – a monument to peace, where travellers can find rest and share their own tales, or listen to one of the native bards regale them with epic Bardeezan sagas.

It has been a long, but rewarding journey, interspersed with thorny purple vines, elasticated fungi, telepathic deer-like creatures, and, for some, deadly Bardeezan-ale-induced hangovers.

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