Power Up Your Prose: The 2024 Writing Challenge is Here!

Power Up Your Prose: The 2024 Writing Challenge is Here!

Writing Challenge

Our 2024 Writing Challenge is active and taking submissions!

Remember the electrifying stories that left us speechless last year? We’re still basking in the afterglow of the laughter, the tears, and the sheer brilliance you shared with our incredible community.

Feeling the grip of writer’s block? Yearning to unleash your inner wordsmith and leave your mark on the literary cosmos? This is your moment! Dive deep into those simmering plot ideas, unearth your most intriguing “what ifs,” and prepare to craft something truly extraordinary.

This year, at the helm of our creative voyage, stands none other than our very own Captain Karrod Niac, swinging in with the prompt:

We watched the wormhole close for the last time…
…and knew there would be no going back.

As always, the heart and soul of this community lies in the brilliance of its members. From prose that tugs at your heartstrings to plot twists that leave you breathless, we encourage you to push the boundaries of your creativity and boldly go where no writer has gone before!

Whether you prefer to embark on this solo adventure or join forces with a fellow wordsmith, we welcome all entries, from individual masterpieces to collaborative epics. The esteemed judging panel eagerly awaits your submissions for this epic writing challenge.

So, sharpen your metaphorical keyboards, engage your creative thrusters, and prepare to write your way to warp speed! Remember, the only limit is your imagination. Let the stories begin!

To get started and learn more about the rules, click here.

All stories must be submitted by Sunday, April 14th at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Good luck!

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