May 2024 Post Counts

May 2024 Post Counts

The Fleet saw a large increase in numbers this month with 2,039 total posts – averaging 204 per ship.

The Butler took the lead this month with 287 total sims, but the next ships and installations weren’t far behind: Denali Station had 257 sims, Astraeus had 248, and Amity Outpost had 245.

Next up was the Artemis and Starbase 118 Ops neck and neck with 204 and 203 sims, respectively. The remaining ships weren’t far behind: the Ronin had 169 sims, the Gorkon had 147 sims, the Constitution had 146 sims, and the Khitomer had 133 sims.

May saw a lot of posts on the Appreciations forum, and we crowned the winner of our annual Writing Challenge!

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