Distrust and annoyance grow with crew of Depot 39 as investigation continues

Distrust and annoyance grow with crew of Depot 39 as investigation continues

DEPOT 39 — As the crew of the USS Gorkon (NCC-82293) struggles to retrieve more clues about the heist that happened on the station, the resident Starfleet officers have to make amends.

On Depot 39, a top security facility, hidden in the brown murky color of an insignificant nebula, it’s all hands on deck, to rectify the heist that took place a few days prior. With the commanding officer of the station, Captain T’Veran, still missing, the task now lay on the broad shoulders of Commander Bruban, second in command.

“We have a reputation to uphold,” the Centauran Commander commented. “Once we have the names of all the people involved, we’ll have to up our security measures to prevent thefts like that from happening again.”

Neither the crew of the station, nor the crew of the Gorkon, could elaborate on what items were the subject of the heist, although our reporter noticed some tension when the name of the Gorkon came up during several interviews.

Some of the security details on the station worked double shifts because not only did they have to investigate who was after the theft, but they also had to keep an eye on the teams of the Gorkon crew, who didn’t have enough clearance to roam about the station freely. This caused some aggravation between both parties.

“Can you blame us?” explained security officer Traill. “One of them even had the audacity to point a phaser at my buddy. All we did was our job, and they treated us as criminals. They can search my quarters all they want, but they won’t find anything stolen in there. Here, I’ll even empty my pockets if you’d like.”

Despite the tension, the Gorkon crew made progress in disabling several traps left behind by the one doing the heist, while others discovered hidden passageways throughout the station. Several leads indicated the latter were used as a route to escape or to travel through the station unnoticed.

“I’m sure that with the help from the Gorkon crew, we will get to the bottom of this,” added Commander Bruban in a last reply. 

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