Winner of Writing Challenge 2023!

Winner of Writing Challenge 2023!

Writing Challenge

Our judges have spent the last week deliberating through all the entries and finally revealed that the winner of the Writing Challenge 2023 is…

Every contribution to this Writing Challenge has been fantastic, and I cannot thank every one of you enough for the thrills, twists, turns, and memories you’ve delivered. It’s been a tremendous demonstration of the incredible skill available on StarBase 118, as well as the range of brilliance on every ship and station. You are truly amazing.

Our winner for the Writing Challenge 2023 is… Flint Kader, from the USS Artemis-A!

Their story “The Fifth Ring” is a truly gripping science fiction story, taking readers on a perilous journey through a mysterious planet system. Flint effortlessly captured the sense of unease and tension with skilful storytelling and vivid descriptions, as well as the tangible sense of budding foreboding as the protagonist, Lieutenant Liam Hark, grapples with the phenomena encountered within each ring of Geryon III. Well done, Flint!

Our runner-up this year is Karrod Niac, the writer behind the First Officer onboard the USS Arrow! They’ve nabbed the runner-up badge for their story “The Place Where All Sailors End”, an emotionally charged story that follows Geoffrey Teller on a solemn journey, after being imprisoned and losing a year of his life, it shows the struggles with grief and anger. Absolutely heart-breaking. Brilliant work, Brian!

For this year, we’ve also got a special mention for Avander Promontory’s entry, “Agent Ouroboros”, a clever twist at the end, or was it at the beginning? Beautifully done!

All the entries for the challenge are fantastic, well-thought-out, and wonderfully written! It’s been a pleasure to read them all, and each one deserves a little recognition. Thank you for contributing your pieces, allowing us inside the worlds of your spotlighted characters, and providing us with a taste of what goes on behind the scenes. So, a big thank you to all of you for sharing your awesome pieces and letting us immerse ourselves in these captivating worlds!

The winner, runner-up and judges, are in receipt of one of the following badges!

Thank you once more for making this year’s challenge so successful and enjoyable! We look forward to seeing even more incredible entries next spring!

Please drop by the forums to offer these writers, and all our entrants, your congratulations!

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