USS ‘Oumuamua increases readiness amidst mission downtime

USS ‘Oumuamua increases readiness amidst mission downtime

GAMMA QUADRANT — While much of the USS ‘Oumuamua’s crew relaxed on the Gamma Quadrant resort world of Seytoxal, others took the time for professional and technical development.

For many, opportunities of shore leave on alien worlds were a part of the draw to joining Starfleet. While for others, the chance to better oneself was the draw. For the latter aboard the ‘Oumuamua (NCC-81226), the recent shore leave served as a prime opportunity. With the ship stationed permanently in the Gamma Quadrant, the crew often had to make their own luck when it came to improving the ship.

For Lieutenant Commander Etan Ijjor, the ship’s Mission Specialist, and Lieutenant Jack Kessler, the ship’s Chief Tactical Officer, that took the form of Starfleet’s Command Training Program. With an intensive series of study and practical exams, graduates of the program were better prepared for the unexpected that life in Starfleet is known for. Moreso, graduates become qualified for temporary command of Federation capital ships and many graduates moved on to hold commands of their own later in their careers.

“The Command Training Program is huge for improving crew performance and readiness,” said the ‘Oumuamua’s First Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Wes Greaves. “As these fine officers continue their studies, they will be immediately putting lessons learned into practice aboard the ship. We’re all better off for their decision to improve themselves.”

Elsewhere on the ‘Oumuamua shipboard construction was dedicated to the development of the vessel’s intelligence section. Serving as the Gamma Quadrant Task Force flagship, the ‘Oumumua was recently assigned additional intelligence personnel. Taking full advantage of the Luna Class’ mission pod, modularity intelligence and engineering staff alike have worked around the clock to expand the vessel’s capabilities.

All is not quiet for the crew of the ‘Oumumua, however. Amidst the ship’s R&R, an unscheduled shuttle launch proved that Starfleet never rests. Local communication beacons confirmed the receipt of a distress call at the outer edge of the Seytoxal system.

We will continue to monitor this story as it develops.

Written by Wes Greaves

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