USS ‘Oumuamua crew continue to make new friends while battling rogue nebula

USS ‘Oumuamua crew continue to make new friends while battling rogue nebula

ESH-O STAR SYSTEM, GAMMA QUADRANT — The USS ‘Oumuamua, currently stationed in the Esh-O system, continues to investigate a rogue nebula while engaging with local species.

Cmdre. V’Airu and a team are preparing to explore the nebula, believed to contain a tremendous energy source at its center. Lt. Jack Kessler initially suggested a class nine probe, but the team decided to use the Oumuamua’s sensor pod for a more detailed look. Lt. Sasha Johnson and Ens. Lahndon Nilsen were called to the bridge to help reroute power.

“Looking at the situation as it plays out, I was somewhat surprised that the Commodore didn’t fight me on taking fifty percent of our torpedo launchers offline to amp up the ship’s sensor pod,” Lt. Kessler told reporters. “I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little nervous, but I’m in agreement with her on this too.”

In a related mission, Chief Engineer Kammus Corelli led a team to a mining facility on an asteroid in the system, where a section of the nebula was dissolving the asteroid on a molecular level. The team found over 9,000 lives on the asteroid but could only evacuate 2,000-3,000 if necessary. Chief Medical Officer V’Len Kel suggested that “the asteroid could be seen as an infected limb. Perhaps amputation is an option to consider.” Colony leader Engish-go-ondesh noted that separation would disrupt the mining industry.

Elsewhere in the Esh-O system, Cmdr. Etan Iljore led a team to Yansamin Anchorage, a trade hub. After realizing they were being followed, the team identified their pursuer as Cmdr. Roger Hartmann, former XO of the USS ‘Oumuamua.

“Inquiring minds will just have to remain unsatisfied,” Cmdr. Hartmann commented. “You reporters are like dogs. They also chase their tails for entertainment.”

The USS ‘Oumuamua’s mission continues to unfold, with the crew working to understand the nebula and its effects on the system, as well as engaging with both the Zet and the Esh-O species. The situation remains dynamic, with the crew continuing to make new friends and face challenges. Further updates are expected as the mission progresses.

Written by Simon Vomek

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