USS Ouamuamua resolves situation in crisis-stricken Esh-o system

USS Ouamuamua resolves situation in crisis-stricken Esh-o system

ESH-O STAR SYSTEM, GAMMA QUADRANT — Flagship of the newly established Gamma Flotilla Expeditionary Task Force was investigating a strange nebula-like phenomenon that had enveloped the star system.

Starfleet Command today confirmed that the Luna-class USS Oumuamua, commanded by Commodore Ossa V’Airu, was instrumental is dispersing the previously unseen spatial anomaly, although they stopped short of disclosing how this was achieved. FNN have been unable to substantiate reports that the event was a trans dimensional event and that a Starfleet vessel from an alternate universe was responsible. Speaking in the Press Room at Starfleet Command, Lieutenant Vrimix Chuwas, a spokes-Bolian for Admiral Egan Manno dismissed persistent questions around this stating, “what is important is that the Oumuamua’s crew proved that it can be depended on to keep the peace and render humanitarian aid to the denizens of the Gamma Quadrant as they adjust to life without The Dominion”.

FNN also understands that an independently operated space station at the edge of Esh-o space, Yansamin Anchorage, has restricted access to the Zet, a local species believed to be behind a string of explosions on the station that apparently claimed the life of a number of inhabitants. Speaking to our reporters, Administrator Jinglamu Syriss of Zyree Industries- who own the Anchorage- confirmed that Zet were now barred from approaching the station, “We have created a half-light year exclusion zone for the Zet. Terrorism will not be tolerated aboard Yansamin Anchorage- and we are seeking reparations for damage their so-called separatists caused to our Exchange.”

Meanwhile the Starfleet Corps of Engineers have confirmed the launch of the experimental USS Nautilus-A, whose shakedown cruise took them to the Esh-o system to render assistance to the Oumuamua. Much of the technology aboard the vessel remains classified, although the ship is believed to be acting as a tested for over a dozen new technologies. It’s next assignment is currently unconfirmed, but they remain on station in the Esho-system to render any aid needed.

Written by Chalan Fuliar

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