USS Astraeus tests new warp capabilities following medical outbreak

USS Astraeus tests new warp capabilities following medical outbreak

PAR’THA EXPANSE – Fresh from combating a medical outbreak on Lanaxa, the crew of the Galaxy-class USS Astraeus prepares in Shemsh to test their newly upgraded engines, aiming for the remarkable speed of warp 13.1.

“We’re all set to begin testing for warp 13.1, sir. Ready to engage on your order,” announced Lieutenant Commander Cadfael Peters, the Chief Engineer of the USS Astraeus, over the ship’s communication systems. These words signalled the initiation of a pivotal test for the starship’s enhanced engines, which had recently undergone significant upgrades.

While the Galaxy-class design did not originally account for such high warp speeds, the recent refit included several enhancements, providing an opportunity to explore uncharted territories. Captain Mei’konda Delano instructed Lieutenant Commander Peters to prepare for the test, pushing the engines to their theoretical maximum.

The decision to undertake this test follows the vessel’s departure from Lanaxa, where the crew tackled a daunting mission: identifying the source of a widespread outbreak and aiding in the development of a cure. Throughout the mission, tension heightened when hostages were taken, but the situation was swiftly resolved. In a surprising turn of events, a suspected spy from a rival Caraadian Great House was apprehended, along with a mysterious object believed to be remnants of Romulan spy technology from over seven decades ago, during the Romulan Star Empire’s dominion over the region. While investigations into the spy and the recovered object are ongoing, Starfleet has chosen to withhold comment on their current findings.

However, before the USS Astraeus could embark on its warp engine test, reports surfaced of a chroniton burst detected within one of the ship’s science labs. Chief of Operations Lieutenant Commander Esa Kiax and Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Commander Noa Levinson were conducting experimental tests when the disturbance occurred. The investigation into the cause of this anomaly has delayed the warp engine test. Preliminary assessments suggest a localised temporal disturbance, though Starfleet officials have refrained from speculating or disclosing further details.

We will continue to follow these developments as we learn more.

Written by Serala

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