USS Arrow liberates Sheliak Prison camp

USS Arrow liberates Sheliak Prison camp

ALPHA ISLES – The USS Arrow (NCC-69829) successfully conducted a high-risk rescue operation, liberating more than 100 prisoners.

Recently assigned engineer Ensign Nolan Hobart, present on the bridge during the tense conflict, summarized the entire situation succinctly.

“Yeah, that was, ah, a thing.” Ensign Hobart added, “Definitely a whole thing.”

The rescue was very nearly spoiled by the arrival of a heavily armed Sheliak task force who destroyed all physical evidence of the mining operation before threatening to turn their weapons on the heavily outgunned Arrow. Fortunately, the timely arrival of the newly assigned Deep Space Thirty-Three defence force de-escalated the conflict and, escorted by a formation of Peregrine class fighter craft, the Arrow successfully disengaged and made its way back to the newly constructed deep space station. Ambassador Archibald Samuel Buford the Third, new Federation Emissary to the Alpha Isles and overall station commander, took a dim view of the Arrow’s theatrics.

“My purpose here…indeed the purpose of this entire installation is to foster peaceful relationships and improve collaboration among the many species that call the Alpha Isles home. While I celebrate the Arrow’s success, I do question why they, as Starfleet so often do, pursued a strategy of direct conflict rather than considerate negotiation.” Ambassador Buford continued, “I intend to temper Starfleet’s overzealous instincts in the interests of interstellar peace and understanding.”

Now safely returned to Federation territory, the Arrow leveraged their much-needed shore leave to celebrate the opening of a new onboard crew lounge known as ‘The Starboard Bow.’ The brainchild of the ship’s Chief of Security Lieutenant Commander Artinus Serinus, the grand opening provided an opportunity for the crew to collectively celebrate and unwind.

“The Arrow was a child of her time, a nimble and beautiful little war machine, lacking the creature comforts, a peacetime crew on a mission of exploration and diplomacy expected. The vision of The Starboard Bow is to offer a place to unwind, as well as to build the social bonds that famously make Starfleet a family. The positive reception that we’ve received from our crew mates already makes all the extra work we’ve put into it all seem worthwhile. I hope the Bow serves the Arrow’s crew as faithfully as the crew has served the Arrow.”

As the celebrations concluded and construction aboard Deep Space Thirty-Three continued apace the Arrow looked towards a new day for the Alpha Isles as it awaited its next mission.

Written by Karrod Niac

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