USS Arrow Crew christens Deep Space Thirty Three during shore leave

USS Arrow Crew christens Deep Space Thirty Three during shore leave

DEEP SPACE 33, ALPHA ISLES – Fresh off their successful mission liberating prisoners from a Sheliak mining camp, the officers and crew of the USS Arrow (NCC-69829) took a much deserved and greatly needed break aboard the recently constructed DS33, under the civilian command of Federation Ambassador Archibald Samuel Buford III.

“The vision of the Federation is one of greater success born from cooperation and understanding,” commented Buford, reading from prepared comments, who spoke at length about his vision for this famously contentious region. “Too often Starfleet rushes to conflict rather than pursue the harder, nobler role of diplomacy, but with my arrival in the Alpha Isles I can confidently say that will change!”

DS33 is still in its early stages and is only beginning to take on its full population of crew, technicians, and civilians. Despite this, the limited services and diversions aboard provided ample opportunity for the Arrow’s crew to relax and get to know their new “neighbours” in the Alpha Isles. Unfortunately, one visit to the recently opened Warp Stone Creamery left Ensign Nolan Hobart in need of urgent medical attention.

Hobart indicated in sickbay that he “lubs evryone” and was quite professionally proficient, stating that he was “the wery model of a modern maor genal.” Medical staff indicated that he will make a full recovery, but they weren’t rushing treatment in the interests of documenting as much as they could.

DS33 is home to several businesses such as the Warp Core Creamery and a franchise of the Brew Continuum, with more establishments intending to open in the coming months. As the station intends to become a hub of commercial and diplomatic activity in the region, the marketplace will open to business interests from across the area.

Now operating self-sufficiently, Starfleet Command dispatched the Arrow to rendezvous with the Starfleet Academy training vessel USS Libris for what an anonymous crewman described as “tactical exercises.”

We will provide more information on this story as it develops.

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Written by Karrod Niac

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