Tactical exercise ends in tragedy, Arrow recovers survivors

Tactical exercise ends in tragedy, Arrow recovers survivors

DEEP SPACE 33, ALPHA ISLES – What was intended to be a triumphant debut of a new generation of Starfleet automation technology turned into a tragedy when the USS Libris, under the command of Captain Allura Daniels, was lost in the ‘Swamp’ region of the Alpha Isles.

While the incident remains classified and is currently undergoing intensive review by Starfleet Command, early rumors suggest that a freak catastrophe during the exercise incapacitated the Libris, leaving its limited crew and contingent of visiting officers in a fight for survival.

When asked about the disaster upon returning aboard one of the rescue shuttles, newly assigned Ensign Banagher Zabi simply remarked, “Well…that escalated quickly.”

Several senior Starfleet Cadets, who were on a special training cruise aboard the Libris, as well as Captain Daniels herself, have been confirmed to be among the deceased. Although unconfirmed at this point, sources indicate a breakdown of leadership aboard the Libris prior to and after the incident. It has been confirmed, however, that two Cadet survivors, a brother and sister, have been transferred to Deep Space Thirty Three under guard.

“One Cadet, whose name is currently being withheld, stated, ‘On advice of counsel, I have no comment,'” regarding the matter.

With the resolution of the calamitous exercise and the offloading of the remaining Libris survivors, the Arrow has been temporarily redirected to Freecloud for extended rest and relaxation while Starfleet Command conducts its review. Several crewmen have already found Freecloud to be a welcome diversion from the recent challenges of shipboard life.

“Freecloud has a reputation, we all know that,” remarked Lieutenant Commander Quentin Collins, the ship’s Chief Science officer. “People will say it’s underhanded and dangerous, all manner of things, even before you get there. But I’ve gotta say, nobody ever tells you how much fun it is! Or how beautiful! Sure, you’ve gotta watch yourself around the dabo tables, but after the mission we had? It’s been nice to lose yourself in a place like this.”

During their stopover in Freecloud, the Arrow also welcomed new personnel, including Lieutenant Commander Chloe Waters, Mission Specialist. Previously the Arrow’s helmsman, Lt. Cmdr. Waters expressed her feelings about returning to the Arrow in a new role, saying, “I feel as if I’ve come home. Though my position is different… I look forward to the challenges it will bring.”

While the officers and crew enjoy a much-needed rest, fresh rumors from the Alpha Isles suggest that the Arrow may not be alone in the region upon their return to Deep Space Thirty Three. An unnamed source in Starfleet Operations revealed that, due to deteriorating conditions in the Sheliak sphere of influence, additional resources are being prioritized for the region. The nature of these resources remains unknown at this time. Stay tuned for more updates on this story as it develops!

Written by Karrod Niac

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