StarBase 118 Ops Crew Honored at Sannin VII Flower Festival

StarBase 118 Ops Crew Honored at Sannin VII Flower Festival

SANNIN VII — After defeating Terra Prime, the StarBase 118 crew were honored guests at Sannin VII’s Flower Festival, celebrating their achievements and enjoying a well-deserved respite.

In recognition of their efforts in protecting the Trinity Sector from the threat of Terra Prime, the crew of StarBase 118 traveled to the lovely planet of galactic embassies, Sannin VII, to attend the renowned Flower Festival. The festival, highlighting the diverse flora of the planet, attracted visitors from across the galaxy. The Sannin Stargazer, a beautiful carnivorous plant, was a particular draw.

The highlight of the shore leave was an awards celebration at the Federation Embassy, where Commodore Taybrim honored the crew’s remarkable achievements. Amid the festivities, exciting changes were announced, further strengthening the crew’s dynamic.

One notable change included the appointment of Lieutenant Commander Gogigobo Fairhug as the new First Officer. His wealth of experience will undoubtedly enhance the leadership team.

“He’s one of the best there is, and he knows the territory,” stated Second Lieutenant Lorvell Lo’Trell of the 292nd Iron Jaegers. “I’d trust Major Fairhug with my life.”

After a well-deserved day of rest, the crew’s focus shifted to the complex task at hand. Under the backdrop of diplomatic tension, Commodore Taybrim and his senior officers made their way to the Cardassian Embassy. Negotiations and research concerning the presence of Xenozym-17 in construction materials delivered to the Cardassian Union during the relief efforts after the Dominion War will be conducted.

Four top-class cadets were assigned to the staff on StarBase 118 ops to ensure the success of the upcoming diplomatic relations. Ensigns Marsh and Wethern joined the medical department, Ensign Arake joined the Science department, and Ensign Ksivi-Sava took on a role in the HCO department.

“It might not look like a natural transition,” said Lieutenant Tito, who recently switched from Intel to Science, “But I feel I serve the crew better in this new posting.”

There are high hopes for a positive outcome and a furthering of cordial relations as the diplomatic negotiations start, and the Federation offers aid to the Cardassian Union.

Written by Alora DeVeau

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