Rescue efforts of Constitution-B lead to liberation of hostages and refugees

Rescue efforts of Constitution-B lead to liberation of hostages and refugees

MARCHLANDS – In a remarkable display of courage and resourcefulness, the crew of the USS Constitution-B (NCC-9012-B) successfully apprehended pirates aboard the Thornwater, liberating the hostages and providing them with newfound hope and safety.

Numerous survivors-turned-hostages expressed their overwhelming gratitude and relief to FNS reporters, with one individual, identified as Jax, stating, “I saw the Constitution come in, and I knew we were saved. The pirates – those Nausicaans – were terrifying. They hurt some people on the Thornwater, I heard. There was a rumour that they ate a Bolian child too. I don’t know. But we’re safe now, and we can find a new home.”

Psychologist K’je Tat emphasized the profound psychological impact experienced by refugees, who not only face displacement but also the trauma of victimization. “The unimaginable suffering these individuals endured is beyond comprehension,” Tat remarked, condemning the pirates for using their lives as bargaining tools. To aid in their recovery, Starbase 104’s commanding officers have provided the refugees with indefinite quarters and comprehensive support services. The Federation Diplomatic Corps has also offered assistance to ensure a smooth resettlement process for the survivors.

Amidst the successful rescue of the hostages, the USS Constitution-B crew also managed to save their fellow officers. While Ensign Ohnari is expected to fully recover from secondary complications caused by a heavy stun, Ensign So’Mior emerged unharmed. The condition of Lieutenant Junior Grade Imas Heeka remains unknown, as she endured a telepathic attack. Lieutenant Commander Cade Foster, the Chief Medical Officer aboard the Constitution, and his dedicated team are actively working to restore Heeka’s damaged mind.

“Cardassian physiology is, in ways, radically different from most Federation species. There are so many variables at play: not only the nature of the attack itself, but the species of both the attacker and the victim are factors to consider. It is possible that Foster and his team may need to send Heeka home to Cardassia for proper support,” remarked Dr. Wrugg, Chief Neurologist at Second Light Hospital on Trill.

Written by Azura Ada

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