Political intrigue unfolds amidst hostage rescue and tense negotiations

Political intrigue unfolds amidst hostage rescue and tense negotiations

LANAXA – Crew of USS Astraeus rescued several Starfleet officers from hostage while other crew members captured a possible spy on Lanaxa during a medical outbreak and tense negotiations.

“It’s terrible, some of the things the Seirbhiseach are having to endure. But what can we do? The non-interference directive prevents us from getting involved.” Those were the words given to us by Ens. Patrick Callahan, a Duty Officer assigned to the USS Astraeus, NCC-70652. However, it seems the citizens of Lanaxa were determined to bring the crew into their unrest.

While on the surface to help treat patients of a mysterious ailment, several officers of the crew, including CMO LtCmdr. Elizabeth Snow, and Chief of Security LtCmdr. Toryn Raga, were taken hostage by some of the Seirbhiseach, who believed their actions would help force change on their world and bring equality for all Lanaxans. The result, however, was most likely not what the Seirbhiseach had hoped for.

Capt. Mei’konda Delano, already frustrated with the Uasail attitude toward the Seirbhiseach, decided to personally lead a rescue team after learning that one of the hostages, a Uasail doctor, was killed. The rescue, which also included Cmdr. Serala, First Officer, and two members of their security department were reportedly quick and efficient and resulted in no additional loss of life.

Following the rescue, Delano and his staff returned to the ship and reconvened with representatives from both sides, where they learned that junior representative Rosale Farradine, a prominent infrastructure engineer, had personal motives for wanting to oppress the Seirbhiseach. While there was only a circumstantial connection between Farradine and the situation on the planet, it was enough to prompt Delano to have her detained and returned to Lanaxa to face their judicial system.

And while this was all unfolding, a second team, led by Chief Science Officer LtCmdr. Noa Levinson, discovered that the outbreak was a result of toxic poisoning resulting from a chemical sprayed on crops intended for the Uasail. However, the pesticide ended up in the rivers and began to affect the Seirbhiseach instead. Levinson’s team briefly faced their own potential hostage situation, but that was quickly resolved with no violence.

Further investigation led the team to an abandoned building where a mysterious figure in a black outfit designed for stealth confronted them. Quickly reacting, the team subdued the individual, and they discovered he was a Caraadian from a rival House known as Larokon. The team returned the Caraadian to the Astraeus for additional questioning, along with a mysterious device which was suspected of being a listening device and investigations have begun on that device as well.

With these situations resolved, investigations continued while Farradine was returned to Lanaxa for judgment, and medical and infrastructure efforts were ongoing.

We will continue to watch the situation on Lanaxa and keep our readers updated.

Written by Serala

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