Peace Park biome feels the heat, while more Betazoid nobles grace Amity Outpost

Peace Park biome feels the heat, while more Betazoid nobles grace Amity Outpost

NURIOOPTA SOLAR NEBULA – The normally icy biome in Amity’s botanic gardens mysteriously felt effects of localised climate change, while another noble daughter joins Betazed’s colonisation efforts.

Amity Outpost, the Federation Diplomatic Corp’s far-flung jewel in the Delta Quadrant, has been uncharacteristically quiet. There has been no Hirogen threat, no political or diplomatic crises, and aside from three visiting Betazoid nobles (which has become commonplace on Amity), no notable visits from dignitaries.

But not everything has been smooth sailing. Peace Park, Amity’s beautiful botanic gardens separated into seven different climatic biomes, suffered a technical failure when it’s icy Lor’Vela biome became completely barren with little to no sign of snow. Named after the Andorian city, the suddenly dry biome far from resembled its namesake, leaving Amity’s contingent of Starfleet engineers and security officers scratching their heads.

“We’re thinking it’s sabotage. By who we’re not yet sure,” Starfleet security officer Lt. JG Bec Iko stated on the scene when approached. Acting Chief of Operations, Lt. JG Scotty Reade who was also present, clarified that Starfleet was “alerted to an issue with the biome. As we investigated we noticed the biome was tampered with.” The apparent sensitivity of the incident was punctuated by engineering officer Lt. JG Nathan Richards when he further declared that there would be “no further comments at this time.”

Merrit, an Ocampan resident of Amity who works in one of many of Amity’s retail outlets situated in its ornate mezzanine, was disappointed by the biome being closed off for repairs. “I like to do three laps every morning of the (1.315 kilometre) path, and Lor’Vela is a highlight. The white snow is novel for me. This morning I had to make a detour around the lake during my walk. I feel like part of me is missing today.”

Meanwhile, the diplomatic outpost once again received Betazoid Noble visitors. (Eleventh) House of Hearth Mother Perennial Naminae Vataix, (Sixth) House of Heart and Life Daughter Kyri Taival and (Second) House of Science and Mysticism Daughter and socialite Deexila Etraax all arrived at Amity. It’s understood that Kyri Taival will be joining the colonisation efforts of Idrustix II, the planet being jointly colonised by the Second, Sixth, and Twentieth (“Travelers”) Houses of Betazed.

The arrival of Mother Perennial Vataix however is believed to have been unannounced. It potentially indicates a visit of a personal nature given that her daughter Niarivi Vaitax, herself the Matriarch Ascendant to the Eleventh House, is the Ambassador of Amity Outpost. Neither the Federation Diplomatic Corp nor an Eleventh House spokesperson were available for comment regarding Mother Perennial Vaitax’s sudden arrival. Regardless of the Matriarch’s intent for making the long journey to the Delta Quadrant, her presence here is sure to set tongues wagging back in Rixx given the history of political and power games between the Houses of Nobility.

Conversely, Deexila Etraax is known for setting her own itinerary and those in Rixx will be less surprised by her unannounced appearance on Amity.

Written by Kit Ivanovic

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