Ops crew return to base… as well as their own bodies

Ops crew return to base… as well as their own bodies

STARBASE 118 OPS — Following the reversal of an unexpected body-swap, the crew of Ops successfully concluded their diplomatic mission on Sannin VII and has now returned to Starbase 118 for a much-deserved shore leave.

The crew initially set out to Sannin VII for critical diplomatic discussions with Cardassian representatives concerning the controversial Xenozym-17 and its impact on Cardassia’s hybrid populace. However, Commodore Sal Taybrim and his accompanying officers soon became the subjects of a deliberate body-swap incident.

Amid the chaos of navigating their roles in unfamiliar bodies, the officers also tackled the pressing task of identifying and reversing the body-swap’s cause.

Investigations revealed that a Cardassian researcher named Eskat Gil had activated the responsible device. Collaboratively, Commodore Taybrim (occupying Lieutenant Garev’s body) and Lieutenant Tito (in Commodore Taybrim’s body), with the assistance of Lt Cmdrs Solaris McLaren, Rustyy Hael, and Ensign Evan Ross on the USS Narendra, managed to decipher, dismantle, and ultimately use the device to restore everyone to their rightful bodies.

Simultaneously, Ensigns Corey Wethern and Madison Marsh collaborated with Cardassian Doctor Lasela Duran, aiming to discover a cure for Xenozym-17. Their task became even more challenging given the body-swap complications.

Doctor Wethern remarked, “It was good doing some field work; it wasn’t so good doing it as Madison. There are some things co-workers should not know.”

Despite facing such obstacles, the medical team devised a potential solution for the disease. Impressively, the traditionally reserved Cardassian government has since endorsed their findings.

Addressing the diplomatic achievements, Lt. Cmdr. Shar’Wyn Foster stated, “The diplomats made major strides, and the Cardassian government actually agreed to a full medical implementation.”

After navigating through such an unconventional mission, the Ops crew, now comfortably back in their own bodies, boarded the Narendra. They have since returned to Starbase 118, eager to embark on a shore leave where they can truly feel like themselves again.

Written by Gogigobo Fairhug

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