New Speed Record for the USS Astraeus

New Speed Record for the USS Astraeus

LANAXA – While conducting tests to establish a new emergency warp speed threshold for the USS Astraeus, the crew surpassed the ship’s previous speed record, setting the threshold at Warp 13.6!

“Captain, I’m pleased to announce that the Astraeus has achieved a new record for emergency speed. Warp Thirteen point six,” proudly declared LtCmdr. Chochmingwu Cheveyo-Arma, Helm Officer for the USS Astraeus (NCC 70652), marking the establishment of a new emergency warp threshold for the refitted Galaxy-class starship.

“While the ship is equipped with a Quantum Slipstream Drive, such drives require time to warm up and are not reliable for emergency situations. Therefore, having this new threshold for the ship will provide us with more options,” stated Cmdr. Serala, First Officer of the Astraeus.

As we reported last month, testing was temporarily delayed due to an unexpected incident in one of the Science Labs. While the details of the incident remain classified, we have learned that the command staff filed an incident report with the Temporal Enforcement Division, indicating that it may have been a temporal event. Fortunately, we can report that both LtCmdrs. Esa Kiax and Noa Levinson returned safely, and there were no apparent changes to the timeline as a result of the incident.

Following the conclusion of the tests, the crew resumed their normal downtime activities. Upon their arrival at Shemsh, the senior officers held an awards ceremony in the Pagrati Lounge on Deck Ten Forward. The entire crew received ribbons for their efforts on Lanaxa, with several officers receiving special commendations for their specific actions.

The ship remained at Shemsh for a brief period as they prepared for their next mission. Rumor has it that Serala had a date with the Junior Ambassador for the Romulan Republic, with whom she has been seen in public on several occasions in recent months.

We have a dedicated team monitoring these developments, and they will keep our readers informed of any new updates.

Written by Serala

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