Mysteries match number of discoveries throughout the Alpha Isles

Mysteries match number of discoveries throughout the Alpha Isles

DEEP SPACE THIRTY-THREE, ALPHA ISLES — Crew of the USS Arrow uncover more questions than answers as they recover away team and end time-loop cycle of ancient space station.

With the crew of the USS Arrow officially enjoying shore leave on Deep Space 33, officials continue to comb through the information brought back from the derelict station. With a Krieger wave generator uncovered as the ultimate culprit behind the station’s recent time travel loop, the engineering and science departments aboard the Arrow were able to anchor the station in this time period and rescue the away team. However, in light of the images recovered, and the stories brought back by members of the away team, there are a great many more questions that need answers.

“It took some doing, but we were able to recover the images from the physical film inside the ancient camera,” stated Chief Aeryn Ra. “The images are anything but pleasant, but that lines up with the reports coming back from those who were on the station.”

Reporting shadows, or ghosts, which at one point may have connected with members of the team, similar feelings were shared by all who went through the experience. The sensation of cold, with feelings of dread and horror, along with images of death were the most prevalent descriptions shared by the away team.

“Something bad happened aboard the station,” claimed Crewman Nick Tabron. “They say it had something to do with the Sheliak, but too many people seem to care too much for that to be the end of the story.”

Having faced numerous run-ins with the Sheliak, much of the crew seems to feel similarly. Still, Starfleet Command remains fairly tight-lipped about the situation, leaving no comment on the mission or any of the findings. With more questions than answers, and even fewer answers than expected following the time the Arrow was deployed, a cloud of unsureness hangs over the crew as they attempt to enjoy their leave.

More to come as information is released.

Written by AJ Cregg

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