Latest children’s toy craze causes havoc in Commercial Centre

Latest children’s toy craze causes havoc in Commercial Centre

STARBASE 118 OPS — Hundreds of Bynarian ‘Wonderbots’ have been released and are running amok in the Starbase’s Qo’nos District.

A cargo crate containing hundreds of the hugely popular children’s toy, the Bynarian Wonderbot, has mysteriously materialised in the heart of Starbase 118’s Qo’nos District, causing chaos among the mainly Klingon population, after the crate burst open, spilling its contents onto the streets.

Toy expert, David C. Chung, described the robotic “creatures” thusly: “Bynarian wonderbots are a masterpiece of Bynar robotics technology that has been purchased by Wondarian Inc, a Ferengi owned toy company.” He went on to add: “They are semi-intelligent, incredibly cute little robots covered in fluffy neon fur that absolutely delight children.”

The toy’s unfortunate resemblance to tribbles, as well as their inane, overly-chirpy gibbering, seems to have manifested a deep-seated, carnal bloodlust in many of the Klingon inhabitants of the Qo’nos district, which has been unhelpfully whipped up by a known follower of the Cult of Kahless – a monk by the name of Tu’var, who has been in trouble with Starbase 118 Security before.

When questioned as to why he was encouraging his fellow Klingons to take up arms against the harmless, if annoying, toys, Tu’var responded: “The Dahar Master Koloth himself has decreed these creatures to be an abomination to be exterminated!” Before turning to the crowd and shouting: “Take up your arms, brothers and sisters, and let us do as he told us. Mechanical or not, they are all abominations!”

What had begun as a seemingly (relatively) quiet and mundane day for the crew of Starbase 118, with a routine, albeit large-scale, computer software upgrade, has swiftly turned into a potentially dangerous situation, with the Wonderbot invasion compounded by a sudden and unexpected switch in the Commercial Centre’s holographically produced sky, from daytime to nighttime.

While no other systems seem to be currently affected, the development has called into question whether something has gone wrong with the software upgrade, or whether this could be in some way related to the (in)conveniently timed release of the Wonderbots.

Written by Jarn Th’Braxa

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