Grab your tricks and treats for the 13th Anniversary Halloween Avatar Contest!

Grab your tricks and treats for the 13th Anniversary Halloween Avatar Contest!

Our annual Halloween Avatar Contest is run each year to see who can design the best forum avatars, featuring themes like “Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Sesame Street,” or “Lego Trek.”

Our panel of judges, handpicked from every corner of the fleet (and some say even from the Mirror Universe), will be on the lookout for the crème de la crème of avatar artistry.

As we did last year, this year we’re crowning not just one, but TWO cosmic champions!

The much sought-after Halloween Avatar reward badge for 2023, shinier than a brand new communicator, will be bestowed upon the stellar crews behind the best in Originality and Design.

For Originality, we’re not just looking for the next red shirt. We want avatars that are as ground-breaking as the first warp drive! And for Design? We’re on the hunt for avatars that are so brilliantly crafted, they’d make even the Borg Collective want to assimilate them! If your design is worthy of being displayed next to the Starfleet insignia on our wiki and social media, then you’re on the right track.

On October 1st, our 13th annual competition will begin. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to think about the theme of your ship and discuss on your ship’s Discord channels!

Click here to see more about the rules of the contest, past winners, and instructions on how to change your avatar on the forums.

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