First Officer in Focus – Wil Ukinix, Amity Outpost

First Officer in Focus – Wil Ukinix, Amity Outpost

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Each month we interview a First Officer of the fleet as part of our “First Officer in Focus” column to get to know them better, and learn more about what their positions entail.

This month, we’re interviewing the First Officer ofAmity Station, Commander Wil Ukinix, a Betazoid/Human male. 

DeVeau: You’ve shared a little about yourself in previous interviews.  Would you tell us more about what music artists you particularly like and how they inspire you?

I’m very much into Indie and “alternative” artists, and the range of genres around that I listen to are broad.  I’d list The Chemical Brothers, The Vines, Tool, Radiohead, Faith No More and Silversun Pickups as some of my favourites.  I’ve even picked a favourite band for Wil, Australian power pop rockers “You Am I” because I felt he needed one after his 5+ years of music discovery, and I wanted someone local for him!  I’ve also used songs by Pink Floyd to inspire and reflect some of the events in a particular mission where Wil thought he was going to die – he reflected on his life in a sim named after “The Great Gig In The Sky”. What I like about these artists is that they just do their own thing, and express themselves in their own way – I like that kind of creative rebelliousness and it’s something I’ve channelled into all of my characters, especially the randomly weird and enigmatic Annamae Barberra.

In our last interview, you gave us an update on the politics at play in Wil’s life.  Would you please give us an update on what’s happened over the last year?  

As much as he hates any sort of politics, he has been drawn into Betazoid noble politics whether he likes it or not.  It was all exacerbated when Naminae Vataix, Rivi’s mum and Matriarch of the Eleventh House of Betazed, tried to stop a wedding between Daughter Ascendant Tri’lea Polgonz from the Twentieth House and Ceciri Ariadust of Cygnet.  Wil’s second cousin and newly minted Matriarch Ascendant to the Ninth House (after a long legal battle) Keehani Ukinix and Tri’lea are good friends, so Keehani stepped in by finding a way to allow the wedding to proceed – but to do that, Wil had to accept his designated title of “Son” so he could witness Tri’lea Polgonz becoming a Daughter Ascendant of the Ninth House.  That way the marriage could continue without Naminae’s meddling.  And if you understood any of that, can you explain it back to me?

The short version of all that is that Commander Wil Ukinix is now a noble Son of Betazed, which is the last thing he wanted!  You’ve gotta be cruel to your characters sometimes.  

The key lesson is: Betazed politics, just say no.

How has Will changed, particularly in his role of First Officer, over the last year? 

He’s grown up!  In the first year or so he had been thrown in the deep end.  But now he’s grown into his role, and is comfortable being in charge of the large Starfleet contingent attached to Amity Outpost, which is operated by the Federation Diplomatic Corps.  It’s seen him take his responsibility as a leader more seriously, and that’s had a slight impact on his relationships – he’s not allowed himself to be too chummy with the crew.  However, that hasn’t stopped him still being close friends with officers such as Robin Hopper, Nathan Richards and Bec Iko (a fellow Aussie).  He’s also grown a very healthy respect for his CO Ambassador Rivi Vataix and the Federation Diplomatic Corps in general.

What challenges has Wil faced IC, and you faced OOC, over the past year?

In a mission we’ve just finished, Wil had to face a military tribunal of a new species that he “accidently” made First Contact with.  He and Robin Hopper were in Talon class scout investigating a mysteriously appearing/disappearing radio pulsar deep in the Barossa nebula, and discovered a warp trail from a test vessel that had departed from one of the planets in the nearby system.  Instead of returning to Amity Outpost to report the warp signature, Wil being Wil decided he and Robin should “do a lap of that planet and check it out before we head back to Amity”.  The pulsar appeared and pushed the scout using some sort of energy beam towards the atmosphere, and they crash landed near the civilisation’s test warp vehicle.  Both he and Hopper were arrested by the military when he accidentally insulted the planet’s leader, and had to face a military tribunal!  It caused some diplomatic headaches for Ambassador Vataix who had to come and rescue Wil and Robin (and got caught up in the tribunal itself along with her away team).  Thankfully he was mostly exonerated – but not before he had to go through military training with the civilisation’s military as punishment.  Just Wil things.

What has been the most significant event in Wil’s life over the last year?

Even though it was more than a year ago now – at the end of the mission I talked about where he was stuck in a void and thought he was going to die, he was rescued by none other than Captain Roshanara Rahman using the “MTS”, an advanced experimental transporter technology.  But the transporter split his DNA in two – Betazoid and Human versions of him materialised.  For a whole shore leave, there were two Wil’s running around Amity! (The Betazoid version was played by Rahman’s writer which made it fun).  Human Wil got to experience what it was like to not have any empathic abilities, while Betazoid Wil got to experience telepathic communication with other Betazoids.  But in a reverse “Janeway kills Tuvix” move, the two Wils were managed to be put back together.  He now appreciates his one-quarter Betazoid heritage a lot more than he did before after that experience.

My final two questions are probably the most important of this entire interview.  How many bribes have you accepted, and has Wil found a date yet?

Look, bribes are not something that Wil would readily accept.  But complimentary beers to say “thanks” to Amity’s First Officer have a very high chance of not being declined!  As for dates… let’s just say he’s concentrating on being First Officer, poor bloke.  But he is single and available, likes walks along a holographic beach provided it’s just a beach and there’s no weird aliens attacking, and would make a cheeky addition to a lovely lady who wants someone to constantly giggle at.

Thanks for your time, Commander Ukinix!

You can read more about Commander Wil Ukinix on the wiki.

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