First Officer in Focus – Wil Ukinix, Amity Outpost

First Officer in Focus – Wil Ukinix, Amity Outpost

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Each month we interview a First Officer of the fleet as part of our “First Officer in Focus” column to get to know them better, and learn more about what their positions entail.

This month, we’re interviewing the First Officer of Amity Outpost,  Lt. Commander Wil Ukinix, a Betazoid/human male. 

DeVeau: It’s been a while since we’ve interviewed you!  Would you be willing to share a little more about yourself, what hobbies and interests you have, etc?

With the pandemic, the live music industry took a hit, but now that things are opening up again I’ve been trying to get to gigs and I’ve realised how much I’ve missed them!  Music, mostly indie and alternative music, is a big part of my simming.  Each sim written for Wil is usually named after a song.  And each song gets added to his IC “playlist”.  So that means so far I’ve built a playlist for each mission and shore leave for Wil that’s over 600 songs, which is exciting! … I need to get out more.

So what political scandals have continued to plague Wil over the last year and how do you play it when he’s now so far away from Betazed?

He’s actually not from Betazed, he’s a one quarter Betazoid from Earth.  Until a few years earlier he didn’t even know he was connected to Betazoid nobility, until it was revealed to him by Sky Blake that his Betazoid grandfather is a forsaken noble, stripped of his title decades earlier.  His cousin Keehani Ukinix, his second cousin and Ambassadorial Aide on Amity, is fighting in the Betazoid legal system to allow her noble grandmother to get control of the Ninth House of Betazed back.  Wil stays as far away from that as possible, because he just wants to be simple “Earth” Wil Ukinix without the drama of suddenly being named a noble.  Time will very soon tell if he keeps his wish…

The fabulous writer for Robin Hopper who also writes for Briori journalist Arthur Summerside, has penned an article about the Ukinix family which will be published on the FNS and explains the whole historic saga!

It’s officially been one year since you were appointed First Officer of Amity Outpost.  How has Will changed over that time?

He’s developed something I like to call the “command tone”, which he pulls out in a crisis when he starts dishing out orders.  He takes his position more seriously, and realises he now has the responsibility of ensuring the welfare of an entire Starfleet contingent.  But he’s also still affable and fun loving, and he’ll never lose that, even as he gains more experience at command.  He’s had to have a few IC disciplinary moments, which I think is an eye opener to him.  All in all his beard’s got just that little bit thicker, which means he’s becoming a more experienced Starfleet officer!  It hasn’t helped him in the romantic stakes though, so if he seems just that little bit extra grumpy sometimes, tell him to get onto fedswipe and find himself a date.

What is the hardest part about being a First Officer?  Besides the constant demand for milkshakes, that is…

It’s actually thickshakes, the indulgence of Ambassador Rivi Vataix.  And Rivi’s thickshakes bring all the officers to the Mezzanine of Amity Outpost, and they comment that they’re better than Wil’s.  I think the hardest part is juggling simming versus OOC duties, sometimes they can be time consuming but I enjoy putting in the time as I’m passionate about being part of Amity and SB118.  I couldn’t have imagined when I joined up four years ago the scale and professionalism of this community, and it’s a joy to be part of it.

What is the most rewarding?

Getting a big say in the stories we tell.  I enjoy mission planning, and helping the CO come up with all of the twists and wicked little plans that we unleash on the crew during missions and shore leave.  When you know something big you’ve planned is coming, and you finally get to unleash it, the fun reactions from the crew make it all worth it.

Also I’ve introduced a character recently, Crewman Annamae Barberra, who is dark, weird, and a trouble maker.  It’s rewarding to see her cause so much chaos with the rest of the crew!  I’m looking at you, Ikaia Wong.

What do you think has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned over the last year as First Officer?

Watch and learn from those above you if you want to get into a position of OOC command one day.  They are experienced at being part of SB118, and have much wisdom.  Also watch those below you, because you learn from them too!  I mentioned earlier the extra time spent OOC as a First Officer to ensure everything runs smoothly, but the most important thing to remember is no matter what, still have fun and enjoy simming – that’s what we’re all here for.

Also, still bribes.

Thanks for your time, Lt. Commander Ukinix!

You can read more about Lt. Commander Wil Ukinix on the wiki.

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