Extended shore leave leaves Ops with plenty of downtime

Extended shore leave leaves Ops with plenty of downtime

STARBASE 118 OPS — After dealing with an unexpected mission, the crew of Ops are awarded extended shore leave, first on Bajor, then on the base.

Opsians were given ample leave time when a trip to Bajor turned from shore leave into an overnight mission. After dispatching pitchers and a wayward publican, the officers received their well-earned rest. Spending some time on Bajor, they enjoyed extra time on the planet – but for some, the visit wasn’t quite so relaxing.

Sources say Ambassador Lukin Zorkal’s aide, Ferri Emlott, and his daughter, adopted with his partner, Doctor Trovek Arys, were kidnapped by zealot Bajoran cultists. “At this time, the matter is investigated by local authorities,” Trovek commented on the matter, “but Ferri and Geleth were returned safely to the Narendra and are going to make a full recovery”

Witnesses testified that Zorkal himself helped lead a small team to extract the hostages and deal with the zealots.

Others had a quieter shore leave. After returning to the Starbase, rumours circled about two Sherlocks running around, and that Shevon, Lt. Aine Sherlock’s newly discovered sister, enlisted in Starfleet and has indicated an interest in the academy. “I’m really excited to be here.” Shevon Sherlock commented when asked about her experience. “This is an opportunity I didn’t think could ever happen. I’m grateful to Commodore Taybrim and his crew for all their help.”

Other sources indicate that the First Officer dragged three other officers to sing Karaoke with her in a holographic bar, including the more recently added crewmember, Lt. Sera. When asked about it, however, the Vulcan officer had little to say. “I cannot confirm that any singing took place on the part of either Lieutenants Sherlock and Tito, nor myself.”

Several officers didn’t spend all their shore leave playing but participated in a holographic training program. “While we did get some rest, we also had a good chance to hone some skills in a holographic training program,” commented Lt. Prudence Blackwell, “Just a chance to make sure we are all at our best in an emergency.”

As the year came to a close, holiday celebrations were rampant – including a Cardassian Christmas at the Ambassador’s residence. However, some elected not to celebrate in ways originally planned as the threat of Terra Prime looms on the horizon and the knowledge that at any moment, they will be called to deal with the menace once more.

Written by Alora DeVeau

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