Denali Station rocked by brazen asteroid attack

Denali Station rocked by brazen asteroid attack

DENALI STATION — After asteroids hit Denali, the crew scrambled to minimise damage and affect repairs as the USS Eagle attempted to stop further impacts and apprehend the Orion Pirates responsible.

Denali Station took considerable damage when an asteroid hit one of the giant platforms that gave ring 42 its weather and day-night cycle, despite the crew’s best attempts to mitigate the effects. Debris from the orbiting platform, combined with numerous smaller asteroid impacts, caused significant damage to the station’s infrastructure and injured several Starfleet personnel – some of whom lost their lives.

With power knocked out to the Operations, Marine Captain Fairhug took charge of the situation on the ground, directing activities from the underground Marine Command centre that had remained undamaged.

A rescue team led by Lieutenant JG Yael was dispatched to find survivors and to establish a medical post, but radioactive dust that covered the city after the impact hampered their efforts. Despite these conditions, they recovered a number of Starfleet personnel and set up a temporary triage centre in Mobius – Denali’s nightclub – before that was also damaged in yet another asteroid impact and the crew were forced to evacuate.

In an effort to increase the percentage of asteroids being intercepted, Ensign Forsyth and Marines Kingsley and Villa were sent to bring the city’s Phaser station online. Their attempt was successful and Captain Oddas watched the bright orange phaser blasts lancing into the sky as she worked to restore power to Ops. Her efforts were also successful, and she re-established contact with the rest of her crew.

After the initial asteroid impact, a team under Lieutenant Commander Dekas had been dispatched to assess the damage and stabilise the platform if possible. Extremely strong artificial winds, seemingly a malfunctioning part of the platform’s weather generation routines, that howled across the platform at regular intervals blocked their attempt. However, the situation improved when the team discovered a crab-like lifeform, possibly an artificial part of the platform repair routines, and Ensign Raimor made telepathic contact.

Yura, as the lifeform became known, offered to help them repair the platform if enough new material could be provided. The team quickly got in touch with the Eagle and came up with a plan to redirect asteroid debris to the platform.

Unfortunately, that plan became complicated when the Eagle, having deflected the second asteroid with a daring shuttle manoeuvre, was ambushed by a cloaked ship en route to the asteroid that was to be destroyed and sent to the platform. Lieutenant Commander Kendrick kept their attackers at bay with shuttles whilst simultaneously shattering the asteroid with a volley of quantum torpedos, enabling Ensign Freck to use the tractor beam to direct the remaining chunks to the platform.

With that element of the plan completed, the Eagle set course for the fourth and final large asteroid. On their way, they liaised with Commander Ton and confirmed that the ship attacking them was the Reaver, an Orion Pirate ship the USS Juneau had encountered almost a year earlier. The crew is now trying to decide how to deal with the final asteroid and the Reaver.

We will bring you updates on this ongoing new story as soon as we have them.

Written by Tomas Falt

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