Denali Crew proudly returns with Orb of Renewal

Denali Crew proudly returns with Orb of Renewal

DENALI STATION — Following a successful mission the crew of Denali enjoy a quiet shore leave before the upcoming Invitational.

After their triumphant return home with the recovered Bajoran Orb of Renewal the crew of Denali station entered a well-earned, and comparatively quiet, period of shore leave.

Many of the crew took the opportunity to engage in recreational activities. Lieutenant Kettick entertained members of the away team he had led during the last mission at Mobius, where exotically named and flavoured beverages where consumed, whilst Ensign Tod spent some down time in the holodeck.

For others the line between recreation and work was less well defined, particularly in the medical department. Ensigns Vahin, Raimor and Pelley spent a large portion of their shore leave in the clinic, in part due to the sheer volume of officers that used the time to get up to date with their medical checks. A number of officers also took the chance to attend a session with Denali’s newest counsellor, Lieutenant Commander Dekas – who at the end of the last mission made the switch from Engineering.

That wasn’t the only personnel change to take place during shore leave. The station said hello to Ensign Martin “Marty” Tucker, who joined the crew as an Engineering offcer, but also formally said goodbye to Lieutenant Commander Fairhug – who was transferring to Starbase 118 Operations as their new First Officer. When asked for his opinion on the transfer Lieutenant Commander Falt replied “Commander Fairhug is an outstanding officer, Ops are lucky to be getting him. He will be missed at Denali, in his time with us he made a real impact and leaves big boots to fill.”

The officer he had traded places with, Commander Alora DeVeau, had arrived during the last mission so used her first shore leave on Denali to get to know the station and its personnel better. This involved her taking part in numerous activities, including a trip to the swamp with Lieutenant Freck. Asked for her reflections on her first few weeks on station the Commander replied “Denali Station is a fascinating place and I look forward to helping the Captain and crew discover the answers to the many mysteries she holds.”

The Captain had spent the majority of her shore leave overseeing final preparations for the Invitational – including the completion of the new stadium area – only stopping to take a break for the end-of-mission awards ceremony. Held in the recently completed crew lounge, the “Menden Hall,” the crew received accolades for all their hard work. Of particular note was the promotion of Ensign Raimor to Lieutenant Junior Grade, the appointment of Lieutenant Kettick as Assistant Chief Engineer, and confirmation that Commander DeVeau would be Denali’s second officer moving forward.

With the ceremony over the focus of the crew shifted to the upcoming Invitational. We will be bringing you extensive news coverage of this exciting event in future transmissions.

Written by Tomas Falt

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