Danger escalating near remote Gamma Quadrant planet

Danger escalating near remote Gamma Quadrant planet

ALPHA BRENKELVI II — Sources at Starfleet Command confirm USS ‘Oumuamua at red alert following an attack from “lunar installations”.

The flagship of the Gamma Flotilla Expeditionary Task Force, the Luna-class explorer under Cmdre. Ossa V’Airu, encountered severe challenges recently. High-level sources at Starfleet’s Department of Tactical Readiness, who requested anonymity, confirmed the ship sustained heavy fire, leading to a strategic retreat from the system and leaving two away teams behind. The data burst listed Cmdre. V’Airu as a casualty, with Lt. Aine Sherlock stepping in as Acting Captain.

Before losing contact, one away team was investigating an extensive underground cavern network, while the other found evidence of an ancient Bajoran presence on a Gamma Quadrant planet. Sources emphasized the lack of clarity on how these Bajoran traces appeared so far from their origin.

Independent reports, not confirmed by Starfleet, indicate a third away team from the ‘Oumuamua embarked on a mission to a “non-corporeal realm”. This decision followed multiple crewmembers reporting apparitions, suggesting intelligent life in distress. A local FNS contact criticized the decision: “That’s what you get when you allow humans to run things – they start doing dangerous new things in the middle of a red alert.”

The crew, recently bolstered by new ensigns from the academy, is undergoing a significant trial. On a brighter note, several officers participated in the Denali Station Invitational interstellar race. Impressively, two teams from the ‘Oumuamua both achieved third place.

Further updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

Written by Avander Promontory

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