Crew of USS Arrow recovers from adventure before heading back out into the Isle

Crew of USS Arrow recovers from adventure before heading back out into the Isle

RAFT ONE, ALPHA ISLES – After an unexpected turn of events during their leave on RAFT-1, the crew of the USS Arrow has returned to DS33, aiding in the launch of the USS Ronin, and preparing to resume active duty.

Today, the USS Arrow anchored at Deep Space 33 following an extended shore leave at Forward Refit Station 1, commonly referred to as “Raft One.” While the crew anticipated a time of relaxation aboard the former Federation outpost, they were instead met with unforeseen adventures.

Although complete details remain scarce, an anonymous source close to Raft One management shared with FNS that a significant number of the Arrow’s officers were inadvertently trapped inside a malfunctioning holodeck for a prolonged period.

A technician from Raft One, Glarb, commented, “This happens from time to time. Usually people don’t get hurt, and the faint of heart find something other to do besides holo-novels, or whatever.”

In response to the concerns voiced by the Arrow’s crew, the station’s administration has remained silent. However, when pressed on the matter, Mr. Glarb stated, “It’s not haunted, no. It just does unexplained, unexpected, and unpredictable things. Often maliciously. But not haunted.”

At the time of the incident, the Arrow was under the leadership of its then-Executive Officer, Commander Karrod Niac. The ship’s command was unaware of the officers’ predicament until shortly before their escape.

Mr. Niac, who has since transitioned to the USS Ronin, remarked, “We’re still looking into the communication failure that isolated the Captain and much of the senior staff from the ship, but I’ve already left a scathing review on Raft-One’s FedNet page. Half a star, holodeck may traumatize you…ample parking.”

Following these events, the Arrow was summoned back to Deep Space 33, leading to notable changes within its chain of command.

Reflecting on the transitions, Lieutenant Connor Dewitt of the Arrow expressed, “It’s always hard to see family members leaving, especially after what we all went through. But with all the new assignments and the Ronin in the Alpha Isles, we’re stronger than ever. I am excited for this new chapter in the Arrow’s book.”

As Starfleet reinforces its assets in the Alpha Isles, the crew members at the vanguard feel the ripple effects of the region’s volatility.

Written by Cayden Adyr

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