CIC Desdemona crafts strategy to counter Shint threat

CIC Desdemona crafts strategy to counter Shint threat

CIC DESDEMONA — Mjr. Yogan Yannick’s death provides a pivotal turn in the war against the Shint.

Following Mjr. Yogan Yannick’s tragic murder by the Shint’s reality-altering Prismagon, Mjr. Didrick Stennes met with the CIC Desdemona, delivering crucial intelligence that might shift the war’s tide.

For the past thirty years, the Shint, a sworn enemy of the Commonwealth, have ruthlessly advanced through space with their formidable technology. Their reality-altering weapon, the Prismagon, easily overwhelmed both Cardassia and Bajor, leaving the territories in devastation.

However, the CIC Desdemona’s crew now sees an opportunity to confiscate one of these weapons and turn it against the very beings who initiated the war. After Col. Addison MacKenzie appointed Mjr. Didrick Stennes as the new Executive Officer in Yannick’s stead, they initiated plans for this audacious operation.

“While I recognize Stennes has questionable traits,” remarked LtCol. Genkos Adea, Desdemona’s chief physician, “I believe we can leverage the intel he’s provided to strike a significant blow against the Shint. That is, if we can endure the imminent challenges.”

Sources suggest the strategy involves utilizing a shuttlecraft enhanced with prismic shielding, a collaborative innovation from Capt. Yellir, 1stLt. Jovenan, and 2ndLts. Kuva, Lux, and Thevn. Meanwhile, Capt. Olivera and Lt. Kader search for a suitable target for this mission. Responsibility for plotting the incursion fell to 1stLt. Sato, 2ndLt. Savel, and Mjr. Dakora, all under the watchful eye of Col. MacKenzie, who emphasized the importance of a straightforward approach.

Details remain scarce due to the highly confidential nature of the Prismagon heist plan. Still, the Commonwealth News Service (of what remains) is eager to provide more updates in the near future.

Written by Yogan Yalu

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