Busy shore leave ends with a beach party to welcome 2400

Busy shore leave ends with a beach party to welcome 2400

DENALI STATION — The crew of Denali Station have spent the last few weeks on extended shore leave. Many took the opportunity to take some time out of uniform, focus on personal projects, or catch up on overdue sessions with Counsellor Yael. However, the initially relaxed routine didn’t last long.

The drama began when LtCmdr. T’Lea was stabbed by a slave girl she and Cmdr. Ton had been rescued during an intelligence-gathering exercise. Fortunately, T’Lea wasn’t badly wounded and they were able to complete their mission.

Further drama followed when a team led by LtCmdr. Kendrick was completing a security sweep of what was to become the new Mithglin embassy only to discover it had been booby-trapped with explosive devices, which had been impossible to detect prior to arrival as they were out of phase.

After a near miss with a crashing elevator, the team successfully escaped the building. On a hunch, Kendrick then led the team to the Ancient lab where he had previously encountered an alien device that was capable of putting things out of phase. On arrival they encountered Ens. Thand, who was in the process of stealing the phase device. After a brief standoff, it was determined that Thand’s wife had been kidnapped by Orion pirates and he was to give them the device in return for her release. The booby-trapped building had been his attempt at a diversion to cover his attempt.

Not being prepared to leave Thand’s wife with the Orions the team came up with a daring plan to rescue her by having Thand pretend to make the exchange but using the device to allow the team to ambush the Orions. The plan was successful, with the Orions captured and Thand’s wife freed.

Yet more pirate activity was then encountered by the USS Eagle. During a survey mission commanded by LtCmdr. Falt the crew received a distress call from a Kalinda shuttle. Hurrying to investigate they discovered it under attack by two pirate vessels. After a brief engagement, one vessel was disabled and the other fled, allowing the shuttle’s occupants to be rescued before their warp core’s last containment. The disabled pirate ship and her crew were then taken under tow to Denali for further investigation.

After all the excitement the crew were able to find time to relax with a Hawaiian-themed beach party to welcome in 2400. During the party FltCpt. Oddas held a brief awards ceremony, where ribbons were handed out and Ens. Kettick received a well-deserved and popular promotion to Lieutenant JG.

Comparatively well rested, the crew are now looking forward to getting back to work on their next mission.

Written by Tomas Falt

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