Astraeus Engages in Unexpected Encounter with Mysterious Wormhole and Hostile Romulan Vessel

Astraeus Engages in Unexpected Encounter with Mysterious Wormhole and Hostile Romulan Vessel

UNKNOWN – The USS Astraeus, NCC-70652, experienced an unexpected and tumultuous journey through a newly discovered wormhole in the Barahn Province of the Par’tha Expanse. This unforeseen incident led to a confrontation with an unidentified Romulan vessel.

Following their departure from Shemsh, the crew embarked on a mission to investigate a nascent wormhole. Upon initiating standard testing procedures, the wormhole expanded rapidly, drawing the USS Astraeus in, resulting in a loss of helm control. The crew, unable to avert this course, found themselves in uncharted space.

Compounding the situation, sensors detected a Romulan ship, seemingly an altered Valdore class Warbird, which engaged the USS Astraeus upon its emergence from the wormhole. The ship, already compromised from its wormhole traversal, sustained additional damage.

In response, Captain Mei’konda Delano executed a decisive tactical maneuver. “You heard them, Mister Callahan,” Delano commanded his helm officer, “Get ready for a hard impulse burn. Head directly underneath them, and prepare a full power dorsal main thruster burn.” Reports indicate that the Romulan vessel was struck several times by the Galaxy-class starship, illuminated in a burst of ruby light.

Post-engagement, the Astraeus sought refuge near nearby moons, affording the crew a temporary respite. Captain Delano instructed Lieutenant Commander Noa Levinson, Chief Science Officer, to investigate their current location and the nature of the wormhole. Simultaneously, the engineering team was tasked with urgent repairs, anticipating potential further encounters with the Romulan ship.

Commander Serala, leading the tactical department, is currently assessing the situation and preparing a strategic plan. Serala noted the atypical tactics employed by the Romulan commander, deviating from known Romulan strategies.

The USS Astraeus remains in an uncertain and potentially perilous situation. Updates will follow as the crew endeavors to navigate this complex and unanticipated scenario.

Written by Serala

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