Artemis outsmarts Suliban pirates during drill gone wrong

Artemis outsmarts Suliban pirates during drill gone wrong

CAIT SPACEDOCK — The USS Artemis is currently undergoing repairs after Suliban infiltrators attempted to commandeer the ship.

Eager to test the battle readiness of the recently recommissioned Artemis (NCC-81287), commanding officer Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie sent the ship into the Paulson Nebula for an opposing force (Opfor) drill. First officer Cmdr. Genkos Adea and half the senior staff transferred to the USS Berlin (NCC-90247) to play the Opfor role. Berlin aimed to capture Artemis, while Artemis sought to neutralize them as a threat.

After some strategic brainstorming, both ships exchanged volleys of fake weapons fire in a simulated space battle. Berlin then landed an away team on Artemis, scoring an early point in the game. Intelligence chief LtCmdr. Talos Dakora led the away team, wreaking havoc on Artemis’ systems by disrupting the computer core and engaging in a firefight with security. No actual damage or injuries occurred, as the ship’s computer and all sidearms were in drill mode.

Unbeknownst to either crew, Suliban smugglers had been covertly observing Artemis for some time, waiting for the right moment to attack. They seized the opportunity provided by the nebula’s harsh conditions and the confusion of the drill to stage their own infiltration. A four-person team sneaked aboard Artemis and immediately interfered with the drill, deactivating the ship’s artificial gravity and incapacitating the middle decks with anesthizine gas. The genuine systems failures alerted MacKenzie to the presence of a threat aboard, but the Suliban nearly disabled Artemis before the crew could react.

With inter-ship communications severed, Berlin pursued the Suliban ship, and chief engineer Lt. Hallia Yellir assumed command after Adea was temporarily incapacitated. On Artemis, Dakora’s team contained the Suliban in the intelligence suite. Seeing the battle was lost, Suliban commander Enno attempted a negotiated surrender, while infiltration specialist Nirra insisted on nothing but mutually assured destruction. The showdown ended in a violent explosion, enabling the Starfleet officers to apprehend the pirates.

Under interrogation, Enno revealed that he boarded Artemis to seize and destroy its stock of upgraded intelligence sensor buoys. “If [Starfleet] had deployed those buoys,” Enno said, “our entire operation in the Borderlands would have been burnt overnight.”

After receiving medical treatment at Deep Space 224, Nirra transferred to a Federation observation and assessment facility on Minos Korva. Speaking to the FNS during a visitation day, Nirra said, “The dark clouds of vengeance are rolling in. I shall usher in a new age for the Suliban and the downfall of Starfleet and all of the Federation.”

“Yeah, there are definitely some issues here,” intake director Dr. Spëghnks said before declining to comment further.

Following the ordeal, Artemis warped to Cait Spacedock for repairs and shore leave. Caitian science officer Ens. Luxa Lorana acted as an unofficial ambassador and tour guide to her homeworld, while recent Academy graduate and engineer Ens. Kuva expressed a keen interest in crew morale.

“I have noticed a severe lack of sanctioned, ship-wide activities and sports for anyone and everyone to partake in,” Kuva said. “I included with my report a request to look into the formation of a 3-on-3 basketball league. I can only imagine the Captain will make the right decision with all the evidence in front of her.”

Written by Yogan Yalu

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