Amity Outpost primps in preparation for Presidential visit

Amity Outpost primps in preparation for Presidential visit

NURIOOTPA SOLAR NEBULA — Amity’s Diplomatic Corps and Starfleet denizens compose themselves and bolster their spirits as they prepare for an unexpected visit from the President of the Federation in the wake of an undesirable first contact scenario.

Following the tense diplomatic situation which unfolded during the Federation’s first contact with the Paak people, the Office of President Narala announced an unscheduled visit to the distant Outpost – a journey of several weeks from the Alpha Quadrant which has resulted in the cancellation of several planned engagements. While speculation abounds regarding the visit’s purpose, Ambassador Vataix’s team remains optimistic.

“Amity is of course thrilled to be welcoming President Narala for her first visit to the Federation’s diplomatic mission in the Delta Quadrant,” reassured Envoy Keehani Ukinix, Amity’s Chief of Staff. When questioned about her expectations for the visit, Ukinix added: “We are sure there will be a range of matters to discuss, including the developing cordial relations we are establishing with Paak and its people.”

Second Secretary Siben, a recent addition to Amity’s diplomatic staff, echoed positivity: “It truly speaks to how dedicated [President Narala] is to the goals of the Federation throughout all quadrants. We welcome the focus of the Home Office on our work in the Delta Quadrant and can’t wait to show the work we are doing here.”

Regardless of President Narala’s intent, the Outpost appears to be in a flurry of reorganization in the lead up to Federation One’s arrival. Ambassador Vataix and First Officer Wil Ukinix announced the presentation of 95 ribbons and citations, along with notable promotions and reassignments, following a ceremony in Amity’s Peace Park.

“I’m sure I speak for us all when I say that we’re honoured by the recognition of our commitment to serving the Federation’s mission in the Delta Quadrant,” opined Amity’s newly-appointed Second Officer, LtCmdr. Robin Hopper. On the subject of her recent appearance before a Paak military tribunal, however, Hopper was less effusive, adding only, “I was acquitted of all charges. As far as I’m concerned, that matter is closed.”

Not all Starfleet Officers are so reticent about their experiences on Paak, however. Lt. Ikaia Wong, Amity’s Chief Medical Officer, was in fact honored with admission to a local University to learn more about the species’ unique biology and medical practices. And, while not as lucky as Hopper or Wong, Lt. Bec Iko – the station’s new Assistant Chief of Security and Tactical operations – who, along with Cmdr. Ukinix, faced a punitive sentence of several weeks’ training under Paak military supervision, seemed almost to have enjoyed the experience, commenting, “It was a bit intense, but otherwise really not too bad. Some members of our crew, such as our CMO, who had stayed behind on Paak for different reasons, dropped in to make sure we were well looked after.”

As the Outpost readies for the President’s arrival, the atmosphere is one of anticipation and optimism that all this heightened activity will translate into a positive outcome for Amity and its team following the President’s visit.

Written by Thryssa Zh’zilrer

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