Amity Outpost hosts Starfleet-Hirogen joint exercises

Amity Outpost hosts Starfleet-Hirogen joint exercises

NURIOOPTA SOLAR NEBULA – Starfleet vessels divided into two teams and paired with Hirogen tribes, in conjunction with Amity Outpost’s mining operations, in a disaster response exercise.

A four-hour disaster response exercise involving benamite mining operations near Amity Outpost took place today at the far ends of the Nuriootpa Solar Nebula. The joint exercise was initiated by Ambassador Niarivi Vataix as part of an ongoing diplomatic outreach to local Hirogen tribes.

The exercise, formulated to test the integration between Hirogen tribe vessels and Starfleet starships, pitted a “red” team against a “blue” team to see who could respond the quickest in a simulated disaster recovery scenario. Both teams had to each travel to an asteroid at opposite ends of the nebula-shrouded benamite crystal field that Amity is situated in the middle of.

The red team led by seasoned and highly decorated Starfleet Captain Roshanara Rahman (USS Kitty Hawk), joined by USS Janus CO Karsa Ven, and acting CO of the USS Independence-B Lieutenant Commander Lidia Ivanova. They were joined by several Hirogen tribe ships.

Meanwhile, the blue team, similarly consisting of Hirogen vessels, led by Amity’s First Officer Wil Ukinix in the USS Jemison, included visiting officer Commander Addison MacKenzie in the USS Halsey, and Lieutenant Commander Stephanie Parker of the USS Bronwyn.

Both asteroids are situated almost half a light-year away from Amity. Each team had to rescue miners as quickly as they could while avoiding a simulated attack by an AI-generated large cosmotozoan, similar to the Crystalline Entities encountered previously by Starfleet in the last four decades.

“The exercise was a test for Amity’s mining operations contingent as much as it was a test for Starfleet,” said Keehani Ukinix, Aide to Ambassador Vataix. “We are very pleased with the results. The efficiency with which both teams were able to respond, given the simulated trying circumstances, was exemplary. Nonetheless, we don’t take the results for granted. We’ll be analysing the outcome and adapting our disaster recovery plans accordingly.”

Asked about the Hirogen’s performance, given their predatory nature culturally, Ukinix remained tight-lipped and, perhaps unsurprisingly, diplomatic in her response. “They were valuable, and used their own unique ways of ensuring our Starfleet teams could rescue ‘injured’ miners.”

The presence of the Hirogen on and around the Federation’s diplomatic outpost in the Delta Quadrant has caused controversy. “An exercise is one thing. These tribes work independently of each other. How do we know that at least one of the tribes isn’t evaluating Amity for a future attack?” questions Shorris, a Mislenite trader who frequents Amity Outpost. “Already people are beginning to reevaluate their trade arrangements with the Federation based on this proposed alliance.”

The Starfleet exercises with the Hirogen are slated to continue in a “red versus blue” war-game exercise near a pulsar wind nebula, situated approximately four days’ travel from Amity’s home system.

Written by Kit Ivanovic

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