Adison Mackenzie appointed Captains Council Magistrate

Adison Mackenzie appointed Captains Council Magistrate

The Captains Council (“CC”) is one of two administrative bodies for our community and is tasked with managing promotions to the rank of Commander, as well as a host of administrative issues regarding the universe in which we play.

Each year, the CC elects a Magistrate, whose job it is to facilitate ongoing discussions, tally and record votes, and act as the official messenger for the council to the Executive Council and the fleet at large. This role plays an important part in keeping Captains Council business on track, and those who hold the role are often top candidates for higher office with the Executive Council.

For 2022, the council has selected Commander Addison Mackenzie, Executive Officer of the Excalibur-A., as its Magistrate.

Mackenzie’s writer, Matt, has been a member of Starbase 118 since 2019 and prior to the Excalibur, has served on the USS Resolution and the USS Thor. Other than simming, he has participated as an active member on the Community History Team, the Training Team, and the Department of Veteran affairs.

During his tenure here in our group, Matt has been awarded with recognitions such as the Genesis Award, the Sheathed Sword, TOSMA, the Prantares Ribbon, the Pathfinder Award, the Boothby Award, the Strange Medallion, the Neelix Award, and the Russ Bar.

Please join us in congratulating Matt as he embarks on his new role!

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