2400 Fleet Census

2400 Fleet Census

It’s 2400 and it’s time for a fleetwide census!

This is simply a snapshot in time as of mid-March 2023—it may likely be slightly different by press time.

Currently we have 107 active main characters being simmed by about 100 simmers (a few intrepid individuals run two main characters!) This group of characters played varies by species, gender, and rank and perhaps in not ways you think!* See how our characters’ demographics breakdown:


The characters we sim are relatively balanced with just over half identifying as male, a little under half identifying as female, and about 1 in 20 playing another designation (1 agender, 2 nonbinary, and 2 specialized Andorian genders).


As fitting a Federation-based game, the most commonly simmed characters are Human. Interestingly, the next most commonly simmed characters are hybrids, with the most common of those also being human hybrids. The second most common single-species simmed is Trill. Betazoids are the third most commonly simmed species (and the 2nd most common hybrid). We have a smattering of other races represented, a few Bajorans, a couple of Vulcans and Orions, and a few other species you might recognize (Ferengi, Orion, and Magna Roman, oh my!).

A full 15% of our characters are the only representative of their species currently being simmed as a main character in SB118.

Duty Post and Rank:

Our ranks are fairly well balanced, with those in the lower decks well-represented and a good number of Lt Commanders as well.

Additionally, our duty posts are well balanced, with fairly even numbers across the divisions. The single most common duty post is Engineering—thanks for keeping our ships running! We also have a number of unique duty posts, including Marines and Diplomatic posts (e.g., ambassadors).

*Unless you thought that we played 52% male, 35% human, 24% ensigns, 4% mission specialists, etc.

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