Winner of Writing Challenge 2022!

Winner of Writing Challenge 2022!

Writing Challenge

Our judges have spent the last week deliberating through all the entries and finally revealed that the winner of the Writing Challenge 2022 is…

Every contribution to this Writing Challenge has been fantastic, and I cannot thank every one of you enough for the thrills, twists, turns, and memories you’ve delivered. It’s been a tremendous demonstration of the incredible skill available on StarBase 118, as well as the range of brilliance on every ship and station. You are truly amazing.

Our winner for the Writing Challenge 2022 is… Hayley, writer of Corliss Fortune, from the USS Gorkon!

Her story “Revelations Hitting Like That Time We Crashed In The Ocean” is a heart-rendering personal log of the Chief Medical Officers onboard the countless starships we conceive and delivers a powerful punch in the feelings. It produces sentiments of rich and lasting characterisation, which, when done correctly, have the impact of a phase torpedo. Well done, Hayley!

Our runner-up this year is Ulasso, the writer behind the Helm, Communications and Operations Officer onboard to USS Oumuamua! They’ve nabbed the runner-up badge for their story “Fire Flower”, a moving tale from the Saurian Ensign, reliving moments of his life prior to joining Starfleet. It’s a wonderful story, truly touching, and deserves heaps of praise. Thank you, Ulasso!

For this year, we’ve also got a special mention for Nathan Richards’ entry, A Lifetime Spent In The Final Moments, a clever twist on the prompt and sent shivers racing down spines! Beautifully done!

All the entries for the challenge are fantastic, well-thought-out, and wonderfully written! It’s been a pleasure to read them all, and each one deserves a little recognition. Thank you for contributing your pieces, allowing us inside the worlds of your spotlighted characters, and providing us with a taste of what goes on behind the scenes.

The winner, runner-up and judges, are in receipt of one of the following badges!

2022 Writing Challenge Winner

Thank you once more for making this year’s challenge so successful and enjoyable! We look forward to seeing even more incredible entries next spring!

Please drop by the forums to offer these writers, and all our entrants, your congratulations!

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