Vidiian ship attacked as Delta Quadrant inhabitants object to their presence at Science Expo

Vidiian ship attacked as Delta Quadrant inhabitants object to their presence at Science Expo

BAROSSA SECTOR – At Amity Outpost in the Delta Quadrant, Ambassador Rivi Vataix is dealing with her first diplomatic crisis. The “Kathesis Pact,” a stellar alliance of Mislenites, Nygeans, and Pensarkans, has filed an official protest with the Federation Diplomatic Corp against Vidiians’ attendance at Amity’s impending science exhibition.

The Pact’s ambassador, Gelehi Falshikai, is said to have threatened economic sanctions as well as blockades of the star nebula system where the Amity rests.

The Kathesis Pact claimed in a news statement that they could not “let any species or polity to become involved in their attempts to rehabilitate themselves while failing to adequately face their history.”

Following a meeting with the pact’s ambassador, Ambassador Vataix despatched the outpost’s Defiant, the USS Independence-B, to advise the Vidiians of the reservations. The crew of the Starfleet starship briefed the Vidiian delegation on the situation. An unknown vessel attacked the Vidiian’s ship moments later.

The Vidiian ship was successfully defended by the Independence against the invaders, who departed the area. The Federation Diplomatic Corps and Starfleet have launched an inquiry into the incident. The Vidiian spacecraft is claimed to be being escorted to Amity Outpost by Starfleet.

It comes as the Kathesis Pact is not the only one raising concerns about the Vidiians. The expo’s opening day overlaps with an Anataran Class rally. Wylam, the Imhotep Antaran Class Racing team’s Ocampan lead pilot, released a statement in the run-up to the race. Wylam informed the team’s millions of followers of the presence of the Vidiian delegation.

“I am the fifth generation of Ocampans who migrated from Ocampa in pursuit of a better life for future generations,” Wylam wrote on the team’s fan networks. “The Vidiians abducted one of the Great Migration’s starting couples, orphaning two of their children. This is a narrative that has been passed down through generations. My experience is merely one example of the misery and suffering inflicted by Vidians. The Federation has polluted the next demonstration, and I want to voice my displeasure. And I will take the necessary steps to make your – our fans’ – concerns known.”

It is unknown what action the racer or her team will take.

Written by Wil Ukinix

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