USS Thor recovered amidst discovery of New Dominion

USS Thor recovered amidst discovery of New Dominion

OKAEA RESEARCH OUTPOST — The USS Oumuamua has rescued nearly 500 survivors from the USS Thor from the surface of Okaea, as well as what remained of the Vesta class’s saucer and engineering sections.

Tasked with tracking down the USS Thor and the Okaea Research Outpost after they lost communication, the Oumuamua found not only the Thor’s wreckage but also the presence of a Dominion battlecruiser in orbit. When the Luna class vessel led by Cmdre. V’Airu approached the planet, they came under fire from the battle cruiser.

Multiple accounts confirm that the engagement was brief and caused little damage to the Oumuamua. Instead of waging a protracted battle, the Dominion cruiser accelerated out of orbit. Several sources aboard the Oumuamua stated that the vessel’s transmissions revealed that it was commanded by a Vorta and a Changeling, but with a mixed crew that did not include the Jem’Hadar. This is a noteworthy turn of events since it is one of the first instances, to our knowledge, that a Dominion warship has been managed by such a crew.

It is still unknown how the USS Thor was so badly destroyed. The Oumuamua has started recovery attempts to save what is left of the ship. According to reports of escape pods in low orbit and on land, the Thor abandoned ship before crashing on Okaea’s ocean.

However, it appears that a small group remained onboard to keep the ship from sinking. Their achievement may have salvaged the vessel’s structure, but insiders suggest the ship is likely only worth scrap metal.

At the time of publication, unverified rumours circulated that kidnapped Thor crew members were being kept on board the Dominion warship. It was last seen at high warp on its way to a Cenobian world. Long-range sensor buoys reveal that the Oumuamua is pursuing the USS Thor wreckage.


Written by Wes Greaves

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