USS Thor investigates strange sightings from Delta Quadrant

USS Thor investigates strange sightings from Delta Quadrant

DEEP SPACE NINE — The crew of the USS Thor (NCC-82607) has taken a break from the rigours of exploration, but a tiny group of scientists and engineers is still attempting to solve a riddle.

The crew of the USS Thor has enjoyed a well-deserved vacation after returning from a multi-month mission to the Delta Quadrant. Shore leave has provided an opportunity for some to pursue scientific discoveries that began thousands of light years ago.

“I swear I saw something.” Lt JG. Peri Katsim, a science officer on the USS Thor, is heading a probe into reports of a peculiar entity initially observed during a Delta Quadrant mission. “Something that isn’t physical…”

When pressed further, she simply shook her head and refused to speak. Similar sightings have also happened near Deep Space Nine without explanation. The investigation into the strange sightings is still underway.

Shore leave has been as hectic for the rest of the crew.

“The shore leave is going swimmingly… People are seeing ghosts, taking shuttles to places they shouldn’t be, pranking senior officers, meeting new cadets, and, of course, visiting the wonders of Bajor.” Ens. Corelli, Acting Chief Engineer, remarked. “It’s always an experience to stop at DS9!”

Upon further query, on the steps taken against senior officers, Ensign Corelli hastily retreated to the Engineering department, citing overdue diagnostics.

At the time of publication, Thor and her crew were ready to embark once more, this time to the Gamma Quadrant. There are rumours that a Federation research station deep within the region has lost contact.


Written by Wes Greaves

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