USS ‘Oumuamua searches for missing Intrepid Class starship

USS ‘Oumuamua searches for missing Intrepid Class starship

GAMMA QUADRANT — The USS ‘Oumuamua, along with the other ships in the Gamma Quadrant Task Force, has begun a search and rescue operation after losing contact with the USS Cabato.

Assigned to continuing exploration and diplomatic efforts in the Gamma Quadrant, the USS Cabato recently failed to check in with the rest of the Task Force. Led by Capt. John Charles “JC” Kessler, the Intrepid-class vessel carrying Federation diplomats, was last seen transiting between outposts.

While it’s not uncommon for Starfleet vessels to miss an occasional check-in due to unforeseen circumstances, the USS Cabato missed three in a row, prompting a search by the rest of the Task Force. Initial efforts uncovered a small debris field along the Cabato’s planned route. However, the debris did not indicate the destruction of an Intrepid-class vessel.

The USS ‘Oumuamua recently joined the ever-expanding search for the Cabato, joining the USS Sekhmet and the USS Nashira. Coincidently, the Luna-class ship is also home to Lt. JG Jack Kessler, the son of the Cabato’s Captain.

The ‘Oumuamua’s Executive Officer, Lt. Col. Wes Greaves, addressed the relationship in the following press release: “Starfleet is keenly aware of the mental distress their officers undergo in their service and the USS ‘Oumuamua is providing Lt. JG Kessler with all the support we can muster. To his credit, Lt. JG Kessler is committed to his duties and has been performing admirably despite the circumstances as we search for his father and the Cabato.”

Unconfirmed reports by regional traders have indicated a possible combat encounter and elevated theta radiation at the debris field several days after the Cabato was declared missing. Long-range sensor data placed the USS ‘Oumuamua in the debris field during the time the encounter was reported. However, officials from the vessel were unavailable for comment. The known facts of the story seem to indicate an ambush may have befallen the two vessels, with the USS ‘Oumamua surviving unscathed.

We will continue to monitor this story as it develops.

Written by Wes Greaves

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