USS ‘Oumuamua Investigates Flying Geodesic Dome

USS ‘Oumuamua Investigates Flying Geodesic Dome

GAMMA QUADRANT — Pursuing their mission of exploration, the USS ‘Oumuamua has intercepted a never before recorded vessel, a 10 kilometre diameter dome consisting entirely of organic plant matter.

Reports from a nearby freighter confirm the presence and make up of the alien craft which has been recorded travelling at low warp for decades throughout the quadrant. Simply referred to by locals as ‘The Dome’, the organic ship’s origins are unknown but somehow is able to sustain power and propulsion through natural means to include the use of subspace sails.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a crewman from the USS ‘Oumuamua reported that The Dome showed signs of structural damage to its sails. Combined with an unknown sensor interference, the crew was investigating.

Major Wes Greaves, the First Officer of the ‘Oumuamua, had the following to say. “It’s unlike anything we’ve ever encountered before. We don’t even know if it’s technically a ship or an organism, but we do know that it’s sustained damage. We’re going to do everything we can to help while we’re here. That’s what the Federation does.”

Despite his role as first officer, Major Greaves is currently in command of the USS ‘Oumumua. Cmdre. aV’Airu, normally the Commanding Officer, has been sent temporarily on special diplomatic assignment to the newly announced United Dominion of Planets. Talks continue with the new Gamma Quadrant power.

Written by Wes Greaves

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